Dating Peter Pan

[TOMT][SONG] A song from the POV of Peter Pan addressed to Tinkerbell, and it's about him leaving Neverland now that he's grown up

2020.11.28 05:48 wariodidnothingwrong [TOMT][SONG] A song from the POV of Peter Pan addressed to Tinkerbell, and it's about him leaving Neverland now that he's grown up

It is NOT Ruth B's "Lost Boy."
I think I might have come across this song 10 years ago or so, but I am not certain about the date at all.
The song is from the POV of Peter Pan and he's talking directly to Tinkerbell and explaining to her how he must leave Neverland now because he's grown up and he's started his own family. The lyrics are pretty sad if I remember correctly.
Sorry I don't have more information than this, it's been a very long time since I came across this song.
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2020.11.25 01:51 SWGalaxysEdge ** Thanksgiving Movies - Wed 11/25 ** PART 2

...continued from part 1
The Loud House - The Loudest Thanksgiving Tomorrow, 1:30 PM / NIC-E 36 Lori Loud and her boyfriend, Bobby Santiago, decide to try to bring both of their crazy families together for the first time, instead of spending Thanksgiving Day apart from each other.
The King of Queens - Roamin' Holiday Tomorrow, 1:30 PM / CMTV 45 Carrie invites two friends of hers over to celebrate Thanksgiving Dinner with her and Doug, who becomes so bored by one guest's conversation that he invites Spence to come over to the house in hopes of avoiding Carrie's friends.
That '70s Show - You Can't Always Get What You Want Tomorrow, 1:30 PM / WFTS-DT2 629 / LAFF Kitty can't believe the audacity of her own children when she discovers that they all have their own plans for celebrating Thanksgiving; Red decides to put Eric through a guilt-trip in hopes of convincing him to cancel his Styx tickets.
Friends - The One with Chandler in a Box Tomorrow, 2:30 PM / TBS 23 Chandler accepts his punishment for kissing Kathy by spending Thanksgiving inside a shipping crate; Monica finds that Richard's son is also attracted to her; the gang takes turns giving each other Secret Santa gifts for the holidays.
The King of Queens - Dark Meet Tomorrow, 2:30 PM / CMTV 45 Carrie and Doug finish up their delicious and enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner together, but neither of them can seem to remember the particulars of their first holiday together and end up seeking out Arthur to see if he can remember the past.
Teen Titans Go! - Thanksgetting Tomorrow, 2:30 PM / TOON-E 58 When the young superheroes become bored of the normal traditions associated with Thanksgiving, they decide to make their holiday feast more interesting by creating their own timeless traditions to celebrate year after year.
Bewitched - Samantha's Thanksgiving To Remember Tomorrow, 2:30 PM / WTSP-DT2 610 / ATV Aunt Clara accidentally uses her magical powers to send the Stephens family and Gladys to 17th century Plymouth where they celebrate the first Thanksgiving; Darrin uses a match and is accused of witchcraft by the Pilgrims.
The King of Queens - Loaner Car Tomorrow, 3:00 PM / CMTV 45 Deacon is in need of a lot of assistance when he expresses a desire to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving meal for everyone, but Carrie is less-than enthused about the situation when Doug lends her to help and she is outperformed by Holly.
The King of Queens - Thanks, Man Tomorrow, 3:30 PM / CMTV 45 Carrie plans to have a traditional and family-oriented meal in order to celebrate Thanksgiving together, but Doug ends up drawing her considerable ire when he allows a stranded man to use their telephone to come have his automobile wrecked.
The Lawrence Welk Show - Thanksgiving America, The Melting Pot Tomorrow, 4:00 PM / WEDQ 605 / PBS Renowned bandleader Lawrence Welk presents a selection of music performed by his band as well as songs by members of the Musical Family including The Lennon Sisters, Champaign Lady Norma Zimmer, Dick Dale, Guy Hovis and Mary Lou Metzger.
Diff'rent Strokes - Thanksgiving Crossover, Part 1 Tomorrow, 4:00 PM / WTSP-DT2 610 / ATV The Alders come from Oregon to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Drummonds, but their celebration appears to be endangered when Mr. Drummond and Larry learn the hard way that doing business together can destroy a friendship.
Diff'rent Strokes - Thanksgiving Crossover, Part 2 Tomorrow, 4:30 PM / WTSP-DT2 610 / ATV As the Alders come from Oregon to visit the Drummonds for Thanksgiving, Mr. Drummond and Larry Alder have a quarrel over business matters but are forced to reconcile so that they don't ruin the two families' holiday celebration.
The King of Queens - Loaner Car Tomorrow, 5:00 PM / WTOG-DT 4 / CW / HDTV Deacon is in need of a lot of assistance when he expresses a desire to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving meal for everyone, but Carrie is less-than enthused about the situation when Doug lends her to help and she is outperformed by Holly.
Modern Family - Three Turkeys Tomorrow, 5:00 PM / WMOR-DT 12 / IND / HDTV Phil and Luke take on cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but Claire secretly makes another turkey just-in-case; after Jay and Gloria's holiday trip gets canceled, they decide not to tell anyone about it; Mitch makes Cameron deal with Lily's attitude.
Free Birds Tomorrow, 5:00 PM / AMCALL 64 Two turkeys from different walks of life must work together to steal a time traveling device so they can go back in time to the first Thanksgiving and change the course of history to free all of turkey kind from being on the holiday menu
Modern Family - Thanksgiving Jamboree Tomorrow, 5:30 PM / WMOR-DT 12 / IND / HDTV Phil tries to get used to the fact that Rainer Shine is dating his daughter while Hayley must tell her father that she would rather spend Thanksgiving with her boyfriend than stay to watch the football game; Jay tries to keep his blood pressure down.
PAW Patrol - Pups Rescue Thanksgiving; Pups Save a Windy Bay Tomorrow, 5:30 PM / NGN-E 125 When the turkey from the Thanksgiving feast at City Hall flies away with Mayor Humdinger and his kittens, the PAW Patrol have to rescue them; a super-strong wind suddenly sweeps up all the surfers in the Adventure Bay windsurfing race.
Who's the Boss? - Thanksgiving at Mrs. Rossini's Tomorrow, 5:30 PM / WTSP-DT2 610 / ATV When the family heads back to Brooklyn to visit Mrs. Rossini for Thanksgiving, it is customary for the women to wait on the men, which irritates Angela; Angela is not happy when a young girl takes a romantic liking to Tony.
The Goldbergs - In Conclusion, Thanksgiving Tomorrow, 6:00 PM / WMOR-DT 12 / IND / HDTV Beverly tries to get everybody together at her house to celebrate Thanksgiving, but Marvin convinces Pop-Pop that they are celebrating the holiday at his house; Pops decides that Barry and Erica should give the toast, but they turn it into a contest.
The Loud House - The Loudest Thanksgiving Tomorrow, 6:00 PM / NIC-E 36 Lori Loud and her boyfriend, Bobby Santiago, decide to try to bring both of their crazy families together for the first time, instead of spending Thanksgiving Day apart from each other.
Unwrapped - Turkey and Trimmings Tomorrow, 6:00 PM / D-KIDS 102 Marc discovers the secrets behind stuffing from Pepperidge Farm and cranberry sauce from Ocean Spray, learns about the vegetables at Jolly Green Giant, and tours the Plimoth Plantation, where he looks at the original Thanksgiving menu.
Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures - Mickey's Thanksgiving Fun Race!; Happy Thanksgiving Helpers! Tomorrow, 6:00 PM / DISNEYJR 179 Mickey and the gang decide to race Thanksgiving-themed racers to celebrate the holiday; Minnie, Daisy and Cuckoo Loca prepare to host dinner for Thanksgiving
Two and a Half Men - Merry Thanksgiving Tomorrow, 7:00 PM / WTOG-DT 4 / CW / HDTV In a last-ditch effort to win over newly engaged Lisa, Charlie bribes his family to come together for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in order to prove to Lisa that he is capable of being a family man, despite his inability to commit to her.
Carnival Eats - Canadian National Exhibition; Prairiefest Tomorrow, 7:00 PM / COOKING 91 Noah visits the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto to taste their Thanksgiving Waffle, a turkey dinner with a waffle made from stuffing; in PrairieFest in Oswego, Illinois, he tries a Kimchee Korean Dog and some homemade churros.
Outrageous Thanksgiving Tomorrow, 7:00 PM / D-KIDS 102 A spotlight is placed upon Thanksgiving meals that are taken to a level rarely reached by the average cook, including a buffalo-style turkey, wasabi mashed potatoes and habanero cornbread, as well as a Cajun cookout with a giant apple pie.
Archie Bunker's Place - Thanksgiving Reunion, Part 1 Tomorrow, 7:00 PM / WTSP-DT2 610 / ATV Mike and Gloria, with little Joey joining them, head home for the Thanksgiving holiday to spend time with Archie and the rest of the Bunker family.
Carnival Eats - Smokey and the Slamwich Tomorrow, 7:30 PM / COOKING 91 Noah Cappe heads to the Arkansas State Fair for the Arkansas Slamwich and the stuffed Thanksgiving taco, then he travels to the Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair in Florida, where he tries the Chick 'N' Cake and deep-fried rice pudding.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - The Gang Squashes Their Beefs Tomorrow, 7:30 PM / H2 92 After a heated confrontation with former enemies, the gang decides to have Thanksgiving dinner with some of the people they have harmed in the past, but their attempts at making amends fails to produce the results they were hoping for.
Archie Bunker's Place - Thanksgiving Reunion, Part 2 Tomorrow, 7:30 PM / WTSP-DT2 610 / ATV The Stivics question whether or not they will be able to handle Mike being without a job; Mike talks with Archie about his problems, and in a show of sympathy, he decides to loan Mike some cash until he can find a decent job.
Guy's Grocery Games - Judges' Thanksgiving Throwdown Tomorrow, 8:00 PM / FOODTV 56 Four all-star chefs compete by making Thanksgiving dinner with a limited amount of ingredients and then they must use the leftovers to make a completely different meal for the next day, as one chef will claim the title of champion and win $20,000.
Barefoot Contessa - A Barefoot Thanksgiving Tomorrow, 8:00 PM / D-KIDS 102 Ina and Bobby Flay prepare a Thanksgiving feast, including turkey, Bobby's 11-layer potato gratin, and seasonal heartland chopped salad; Ina shares tips and makes orange honey-glazed carrots, Brussels sprouts, and bread pudding with herbs and apples.
South Park - Starvin' Marvin Tomorrow, 8:20 PM / CMDY-E 61 While watching a Thanksgiving episode of "Terrance and Phillip," the boys are moved by a commercial, which leads them to adopt a hungry orphan in exchange for a sports watch, accidently shipping Cartman off to a third world country.
Teen Titans Go! - Thanksgiving Tomorrow, 8:30 PM / TOON-E 58 When Raven's terrifying demon overlord father Trigon shows up uninvited to Robin's well thought out Thanksgiving dinner, Robin's seating plan gets totally ruined, but that is the least of the problems that accompany the unwanted guest.
Saturday Night Live - A Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving Special Tomorrow, 9:00 PM / WFLA-NG1 8 / NBC / HDTV / New Memorable Thanksgiving sketches are featured.
Bob's Burgers - Dawn of the Peck Tomorrow, 9:00 PM / TOON-E 58 Linda and the kids spend Thanksgiving at the first Annual Fischoeder Turk-tacular Turkey Town Festival while Bob is determined to Boycott the holiday, but things get completely out of control when the festival suffers a wild bird attack.
Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro - Thanksgiving Sides Tomorrow, 9:00 PM / D-KIDS 102 Ina Garten makes side dishes for Thanksgiving, such as mushroom and leek bread pudding with homemade gravy and cranberry fruit conserve, haricots verts with dill and hazelnuts, sauteed Brussels sprouts and bacon, and celery root and apple puree.
Arthur - Francine's Pilfered Paper; Buster gets Real Tomorrow, 9:00 PM / WEDU-DT5 617 / PBSKIDS247 / HDTV Anxious to enjoy her Thanksgiving vacation, Francine completes her homework by copying and pasting the information she's found; Arthur fears his friendship with Buster is over after he learns Buster likes a television show that he doesn't.
The Thanksgiving House Tomorrow, 9:00 PM / HALLDRMHD 1124 / HDTV After a woman acquires a residence in Plymouth, Mass., from a deceased family member, she soon learns that the home has been found to be on the spot of the first Thanksgiving, and a local historian hopes to remove the house to conduct a study.
Bob's Burgers - Gayle Makin' Bob Sled Tomorrow, 9:30 PM / TOON-E 58 Bob is sent by Linda to go pick up Gayle when she is injured to make sure she does not miss any of their Thanksgiving celebration, but a surprise snowstorm complicates his trip back home and causes Linda to have to prepare the turkey.
WordGirl - Guess Who's Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner; Judging Butcher Tomorrow, 9:30 PM / WEDU-DT5 617 / PBSKIDS247 / HDTV Tobey and his mother join the Botsfords Thanksgiving dinner and Becky is not too thrilled about having to share a table with her nemesis; Tobey unleashes his Pilgrim-themed robots on the city and Beck must defeat them without missing dinner.
Steven Raichlen's Project Smoke - Thanksgiving Comes Early Tomorrow, 9:30 PM / WEDU-DT6 618 / CREATE / HDTV Host Steven Raichlen shows his secret to preparing a moist Turkey, using an organic bird, Whiskey Brine, and a slow smoke over barrel chips; he then smokes side dishes including Bacon-stuffed Onions and Creamed Corn; Apple Crisp.
Guy's Grocery Games - Family Food Feud Thanksgiving Tomorrow, 10:00 PM / FOODTV 56 Two families compete in a three-round Thanksgiving showdown, where Guy has a member of each family pick from unidentified cans to see the featured ingredient, then another family member must make a fall favorite using five pounds of ingredients.
Family Guy - Turkey Guys Tomorrow, 10:00 PM / TOON-E 58 Peter and Brian get drunk the night before Thanksgiving and decide to eat the entire bird, so they must hurry to find a replacement before Thanksgiving dinner; in Peter's absence, Chris decides he must step up and become the man of the house.
South Park - A History Channel Thanksgiving Tomorrow, 10:00 PM / CMDY-E 61 After viewing a television special on The History Channel, the boys begin to believe that extraterrestrials had some involvement in the original Thanksgiving feast, and they set out to find answers to all of their new questions.
Rev Run's Thanksgiving Supper Tomorrow, 10:00 PM / D-KIDS 102 At the Simmons' house, Rev Run and his wife engage in a friendly competition when Rev. Run wants to make a Crispy Deep Fried Turkey and his wife has planned her Juicy Oven Roasted Turkey with Quick Pan Gravy, so the family must choose the best one.
Friends - The One with the Football Tomorrow, 10:30 PM / NIC-E 36 The gang gets into a heated competition of touch-football when they gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving; Joey and Chandler get into a debate over the rights to date a model; Monica and Ross engage in an ongoing sibling rivalry.
Family Guy - Peter's Sister Tomorrow, 10:30 PM / TOON-E 58 Peter's sister, Karen, visits the Griffin household for Thanksgiving and bullies him in a similar way that Meg does; Meg finds Karen's bullying entertaining, but starts to feel guilty and tries to help Peter beat her in a wrestling match.
South Park - Helen Keller! The Musical Tomorrow, 10:30 PM / CMDY-E 61 Timmy heroically battles to save his beloved turkey from being sent to a brutal slaughterhouse; Cartman and the boys attempt to out-do the kindergartners in a performance of the Helen Keller Story for an upcoming school play.
Roseanne - Home is Where the Afghan Is Tomorrow, 10:30 PM / WTTA-SD 609 / COZITV The Conners come to realize that money can't buy happiness when their first Thanksgiving as a wealthy family is ruined by a series of meaningless quarrels, not to mention Dan's absence and a shocking revelation made by Bev
Hey Arnold! - Arnold's Thanksgiving Tomorrow, 10:32 PM / THEN 140 Arnold and Helga both express their frustration and disappointment over their families' insistence on following the same tiring traditions every year, but some time spent with their Mr. Simmons teaches them an unexpected lesson
Seinfeld - The Mom & Pop Store Tomorrow, 11:00 PM / WTTA-DT 6 / MYNET / HDTV George decides to buy a convertible that a car salesman claims was once owned by Jon Voight; Kramer attempts to save a small shoe-repair business; Elaine wins Mr. Pitt tickets to the renowned Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Tia Mowry at Home - Tia Mowry Thanksgiving At Home Tomorrow, 11:00 PM / D-KIDS 102 For Thanksgiving, Tia's brother helps make a Brussels sprouts salad and a cranberry ginger fizz cocktail, her husband helps fry a turkey without using oil, she prepares sweet potato au gratin and her friend creates pumpkin pecan pie in a jar.
A Day for Thanks on Walton's Mountain Tomorrow, 11:00 PM / HALLDRMHD 1124 / HDTV After spending an extended period apart, members of the Walton family return to their hometown in Virginia, where they enjoy each other's company while celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday and preparing for the hardships ahead.
Family Guy - Turkey Guys Tomorrow, 11:30 PM / WMOR-DT 12 / IND / HDTV Peter and Brian get drunk the night before Thanksgiving and decide to eat the entire bird, so they must hurry to find a replacement before Thanksgiving dinner; in Peter's absence, Chris decides he must step up and become the man of the house.
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2020.11.24 07:19 clouds_floating_ The 1 & Cardigan connection

Hi everyone! I’m a lurker but have never posted on this subreddit before so sorry if I make formatting mistakes.
Something has been bugging me about ‘The 1’ and that’s it’s connection to the teenage love affair. I feel like Taylor made an intentional reference to it in ‘Cardigan’ when Betty said “chase two girls lose the one, when you are young they assume you know nothing.” the obvious part is “lose THE ONE”, but I feel like the refrain “when you are young they assume you know nothing” is also an allusion to ‘Betty’ when James says “I’m only seventeen, I don’t know anything”, so it’s a reference to ‘Betty’ and then straight after it’s a reference ‘Cardigan’, so “The One” is clearly Betty.
So my theory is that ‘The 1’ is sung from Jame’s perspective later on in their lives, around the Cardigan era and Betty and him ended up not being together after being on again off again during their twenties. The line “if one thing had been different, would everything be different today?” is about if he didn’t have that summer affair with the ‘August’ girl, would their relationship have been different and more serious than how it panned out because he did?
The line “if you wanted me you really should have showed” is a reference to the line in ‘Betty’ when Betty danced with that other guy in the gym and not him, so he left the dance because he thought Betty didn’t want him which is why he went off with August girl. I dont think they ever dated before Betty, I think they had a teenage fling, maybe they were besties, but never made it official before the summer affair happened even though they both caught feelings for each other. When Betty found out from Inez and was heartbroken James realised how much Betty loved him and that he messed up and wanted a serious relationship with her.
Then they do get together at the end of ‘Betty’ and they date on and off again throughout their twenties. James says they were “something, don’t you think?”, and obviously their relationship grew deeper and more intense, in ‘Cardigan’ Betty says James “drew stars around my scars but now i’m bleeding”, which goes with what James says in ‘The 1’ “if you never bleed, you're never gonna grow” so clearly their relationship got really intense and was quite something. But then James picked up and left after their relationship matured in their late teens/early twenties. He got bored, he wanted to have an adventure, go into the world, he didn’t want to only be with Betty and not see what the world had to offer, which is something that happens to a lot of high school relationships. people age and then they get anxious about not having experienced anything else, which is what happened with James I think. So he leaves to go and have an adventure, similar to what Peter Pan would do.
In verse two of ‘The 1’ the narrator says he hopes this person is “having adventures on your own”, so in my mind this is implying that they used to have adventures together, and now the narrator is having his own “adventures” and he wishes the same for this ex. Maybe this kind of reflects James’ mentality post the final split. It sounds like something Peter would write to/about Wendy, doesn’t it? “Im having all these adventures, I hope you are too!” which would also go nicely with Betty’s comparison of James to Peter Pan in ‘Cardigan’.
Betty describes James “trying to change the ending. Peter Losing Wendy”. This could mean two things- either she’s saying their entire relationship after his August affair was doomed from the start. That James apologising and asking her out at the end of ‘Betty’ was him trying to change what should have been the ending to their story, which was always that the would part ways. For their teens and early twenties James stayed with her, trying to change that, until it inevitably happened anyway.
The second option, which I think I like better because I don’t like thinking their relationship was doomed from jump lol, is that James left Betty to try and have an adventure, then he came back to try and work things out with her. I think this because when he’s reflecting on their relationship and says him thinking about all this his him“digging up the grave another time”. “Another time” makes me think he came back to try and work things out with Betty before, which Betty described in ‘Cardigan’ as her knowing he’d “miss me once the thrill expired and you’d standing on her front porch light”. but she says no, cementing the ending Peter Pan Wendy ending.
The big issue I see with this is the line in “The 1” where James says “I have this dream you're doing cool shit, having adventures on your own you meet some woman on the internet and take her home”. But: 1) we don’t know Betty’s sexuality, she could very well be bi or pan 2) he says in the next line “we never painted by the numbers baby” so he’s rationalising her doing that as something she would do to buck heteronormativity and “have an adventure of her own” and 3) we don’t even know if she actually did do that because it’s just what he imagines her doing
James says his wish was that he’d eventually end up with Betty in ‘The 1’. That he wanted to go out, be a free spirit but eventually return to her and settle down afterwards, but Betty didn’t want that because she had matured too quickly and didn’t just want to be someone James could always rely on being in the wings waiting for him when he got bored of whatever adventure he decided to go on.
So yes, please tell me what you think about this theory! Thank you for reading <3
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2020.11.21 23:13 burrito_supremo I'm 35 and kinda worried about my friend's maturity

One of my good friends, same age as me 35, only dates women in their early 20s, and once even dated a 19 year old. He also has pretty juvenile interests, such as being a little bit too into pop culture for his age, lack of direction, and avoidance of long term commitments (both in jobs and girlfriends)....
My questions are:
  1. Does anyone else have male friends that seemingly have some kind of peter pan syndrome going on?
  2. It's actually really emotionally draining, since I am busy trying to get my careelife off the ground (savings, house, etc) and he kind of shames me for not "hanging out" - but, like, dude we're 35. I'd hang out more if I weren't struggling to survive. Has anyone had to break away from friend(s) due to a similar thing?
I am not a psychologist and I have been a people pleaser my whole life, and honestly, I'm tired of trying to motivate him to change. I've been doing it for years and I'm over it.
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2020.11.20 22:54 kelseyniamh_ Stranger Things 4 Plot Rewrite

hi! so my friends and i have worked on this for the past evening and i wanted to share with all of you to see your thoughts! we’re writing 8 chapters for the 8 episodes and we’re publishing them to Archive Of Our Own to see how much we get right when the season officially airs!!! i’d Love to hear your thoughts !!

Hawkins Psych Ward, 1986
The opening scene is set in the derelict hallways of the Serenity Grove Psychiatric Hospital of Hawkins, Indiana. The lights are flickering. The halls are grey and boring. Dull and uninspired. The camera pans slowly down the hallway towards what seems to be the main office. There are opened files left on the desk. Photos of Victor Creel, the newest inmate, are attached to the files.
The camera follows the familiar and eager footsteps of a man as he paces through the winding corridors. He’s looking for something. Or someone.
Through the small glass windows of each cell, we see glimpses of the various treatments and torture the inmates of Serenity Grove face. They are being treated like prisoners: metal beds with thin mattresses, a small sink in each room and a barred window. We first see a man screaming to himself in his room, the woman next door cradling herself on her bed, the woman in the room opposite her punches the door and is trying to say something, but her words aren’t recognisable. The lights slowly become more intense, almost strobe-like as the footsteps begin to break into a high-speed sprint. An alarm sounds, slowly becoming more and more consuming. Chatter and confusion is heard. A dangerous individual has broken out of the hospital, or have they broken in?
The camera follows the staff of the hospital back into the office, where they are urgently trying to phone the nearby authorities, such as the Hawkins Police, but the phone keeps going to a dead line. The wardens of the hospital chatter indistinctly. We get a close up of Peter Ballard, the newest recruit on the ward, he looks scared, exhausted and fed up with the job he’s in, despite only being there for a couple of months. The wardens are beginning to panic. They hear something from the nearest entrance. As they look towards the door, it swings open for the owner of the Hospital to enter: the chillingly familiar character of Dr. Martin Brenner.
California, 1986
El wakes up to the smell of eggs and bacon being cooked by Joyce. For a split second, she forgets where she is and thinks it’s Hopper cooking the eggs and she smiled, and then reality hit. Hop is gone. Hop isn’t coming back. She sighs, and hauls herself out of bed, pulling on some denim shorts and a shirt of hops, white tube socks and her high top converse.
El follows the smell wafting through the kitchen, and takes her seat next to Will. She smiled softly at Jonathan sat opposite her whilst Joyce plates up the eggs and bacon.
‘So, El, have you heard anything from Mike recently?’ Jonathan asked, taking a sip of his orange juice.
‘No. Hasn’t called.’
‘I’m sure he will, sweetie, don’t fret.’ Joyce said, as she sat down in her seat next to Jonathan. ‘What about you, Will? Heard anything from Dustin, or Lucas?’
‘No. They probably don’t even care that we’ve gone.’ Will scoffed before pushing back his breakfast plate. ‘I’m going to school.’ and with that said, Will swept out of the room, slamming the front door as he left.
‘Hurting. Misses everyone.’ El stated.
‘I know.’ Joyce sighed, picking up Will’s plate and putting it in the sink. ‘Jonathan? Would you mind taking El to school today?’
‘Already planned on it, Mom, we’ll get Will halfway down the road.’ Jonathan smiled and shook his keys at El who giggled and went to grab her bag. They kissed Joyce goodbye and left for school.
Hawkins, 1986
‘Robin. Robin. Robin. Robin. Robin. Robin.’
‘What, Steve?’
‘I’m literally so bored, can’t we do something fun?’
‘Steve, we’re at work. There’s nothing fun we can do.’
‘That’s what we thought last year but then-’
‘ Then your crazy child friend came to us with a stupid Russian experiment that almost got us killed , Steve.’
‘Well, I mean, I wouldn't be that dramatic about it.’ Steve scoffed and Robin threw a crumpled up receipt at him. They heard the door jingle as it opened which meant, yay, a customer, and they both put their work faces on before realising who had actually come through the door.
‘Henderson! Aren't you supposed to be in school?’ Robin asked.
‘Yeah but, it’s weird. Without Will and El, it’s like, the party doesn’t have anything in common anymore. We’re not risking our lives every waking moment to keep El a secret, Will isn’t here to worry about if the mind-flayer is coming back or not. It’s weird.’ Dustin sighed, picking at his nails.
‘Dustin you can’t hang out here, we have actual work to do and we can’t sneak you in the back or Keith will have both of our asses, I’m sorry, kid.’ Steve apologised, really feeling for his little pal. The doorbell chimed again as Max Mayfield entered the store.
‘Dustin! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!’
‘I’m not in the mood, Max.’
‘Come on, i’m not kidding. We have to go to school. Mike is sneaking into Hawkins Middle to steal the Heathkit from the AV club, he needs it to contact El and Will. His radio isn't strong enough. He needs us as a distraction.’
‘Fine. but only because I may get to see Mr Clarke again.’ Dustin allowed the redhead to convince him of skipping classes, and smiled softly at Steve and Robin. ‘See me later? We’ll all probably be at Mike’s to contact El, Nancy will probably be there to speak to Jonathan too, so you’ll be more than welcome.’
‘We’ll be there, Henderson. Now go!’ Robin chuckled.
Dustin and Max leave the store, jumping on their bikes to quickly hurry to Hawkins Middle before mike gets himself into some sort of trouble.
Lucas meets them halfway, shooting Max a quick blown kiss whilst Dustin gags lightheartedly. They pull into the all too familiar middle school to see Mike conversing with Mr Clark.
‘Sir, please, I just need to borrow it.’
‘Mike, it’s school property. Property of a school you don’t even attend anymore.’
Mike pinched the bridge of his nose, ‘But it’s to contact Will!’
‘Use a phone, like any other normal kid would do.’
Dustin decided now would be the best time to cause the “distraction” and approached Mr Clark himself.
‘My lord, I must say how nice it is to see you on this fine day.’
‘Are none of you in class? What are you doing? You can't just be skipping out on high-school to come talk to your old teacher!’ Mr Clark sounded exasperated.
‘Yes but, my lord, do you know how expensive it is to make calls out of state? We’re 15, we don’t have jobs, we can't afford that type of money.’
‘You have a point, go on.’
‘And we can’t all rely on my cerebro, it's coming up winter now, we’ll get sick. You don’t want us to get sick, do you, Mr Clark?’
Out of the corner of his eye, he can see Max and Lucas coming out of the AV club room, struggling carrying the huge machine, and Dustin babbles to keep Mr Clark talking before he notices.
“Mr Clark, I understand you’re going to say no, but if we could just maybe have the keys for the AV club room and we can come and use it during our free periods, after school until all the teachers decide it's time to go home?’
‘You’ve bent my arm, Dustin. Keys only. Now run along.’ Mr Clark smiled, handing Dustin the keys before turning and walking away, in the opposite direction of where Mike, Max and Lucas are carrying the radio out of the side door.
‘Dustin!’ Mike yells.
‘Cycle to Steve, we need a car.’
Dustin grunted and sped all the way back to Steve where he saw Steve smiling at a young girl in a neon blue jacket. Dustin waited before he went in, so that he didn’t cramp Steve’s “style”, and once she left, he ran inside.
‘Dustin, I’m about to take my break can’t it wait?’
‘Nope, need you and your car right now. Come on let's go!’ Steve sighed before pulling on his jacket because he knew he didn't have a choice.
‘Where are we going exactly?’
‘Hawkins Middle, and then Mike’s.’
‘Got it. You know, you need to pay me if you keep wanting me to waste my gas on you and your little friends being ferried around.’
‘Shut up, Steve, we’re your only friends.’ Dustin smirked as he knew he caught Steve in a way he can’t argue back.
Steve and Dustin pull into the Hawkins Middle car park where Mike is standing there with his signature “Mike Wheeler” face, ‘What took you so long?’
‘Look I’m here on my break, you little shit. Stick the thing in the trunk and stop being an ungrateful brat.’
‘You couldn’t have picked a different day to be in a bad mood, Steve?’ Max chided.
‘Oh, I’m sorry, do you wanna be walking your asses back to the Wheelers? Didn’t think so. Get. In.’
They drive in silence, Steve muttering about how he’s still somehow a babysitter for high-schoolers, before he pulls into the Wheeler’s driveway. He stays seated as they all get out but they look at him expectedly.
‘What, you can’t lift that thing yourself? Jesus christ.’ Steve knows he shouldn’t be taking his mood out on the kids, but he can’t help it. Every time he sees Dustin, he’s reminded of that Russian guard practically beating him to death. The only person who can help him through his trauma is Robin, except she’s been through the exact same thing. They both panic when the door opens and they hear the chime, they both panic when one of them shows up a little late to work, it's a work in progress, but they're dealing with it, Steve just hates leaving Robin on her own.
‘Steve, please help us.’ Lucas asked and Steve sighs, before undoing his seatbelt and helping them haul the radio out of the trunk.
He grabs the radio along with Lucas and the rest of the party guide them around the back of the house and down the slope to the bottom door of Mike’s basement. Mike unlocks the door and they all walk in, setting the radio down on the table where their D&D game box sits untouched and growing dusty.
‘What frequency do you think they’ll be on?’ Max asked.
‘Well, I told El 24.624 so I’m assuming her walkie will still be on that.’
‘Won’t the kid be in school?’ Steve asked.
‘Shouldn’t you be at work?’ Mike sneered.
‘Shit. Shit, shit, shit. Wheeler, you got anything I can grab to eat?’
‘Check the pantry, we’ve got chips, eggos, pretty sure there’s a sub sandwich in the fridge my dad forgot to take to work today. Take what you want, in repayment for helping.’
‘Thanks, Wheeler. I’ll see you shitbirds tonight, yeah? After 6?’
‘Go!’ and with that, Steve sprinted up the stairs into the kitchen to grab whatever food he could find for him and Robin to share, and jumped into his car. He sped back to the video store only to see Robin giggling and twirling her hair whilst talking to a girl with yellow sunglasses on. “You go, Robin,” he thought to himself, deciding to take the back way in and wait until the girl was gone before reentering the counter. He didn’t want to steal Robin’s chance at happiness, after all, she deserved it.
When Steve did finally decide to enter, Robin was leaning against the desk, sighing with a smile on her face. Steve was about to ask, but Robin opened her mouth first.
‘Her name was Kali, she had the coolest accent and she just seemed so.. Not from around here, you know? She was so pretty, and she just seemed so different, not like anyone I’ve ever met. Except El, she was a little strange, like El, but a cool strange. Like, she had something about her, you know?’ Steve nodded, and handed Robin a packet of chips.
‘I thought I’d panic, with you gone instead of being in the back on your break, i really thought I’d panic, but then she came in and everything was just.. So, much, calmer. She brought a sense of calm.’
‘What did you talk about?’
‘Literally just normal stuff, Steve, it was so nice to have a normal conversation without El or mind flayer or Russian’s coming up as a topic. Normal. It felt so, so good.’ Robin smiled, popping open the bag of chips, sitting back on the chair behind the counter and looking up at Steve.
California, 1986
Joyce stares blankly at the kitchen wall as she takes another sip of her now-cold coffee. The clock ticks quietly in the background as she finishes the last of her drink and the quiet hum of the radio plays ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’ by Wham as she contemplates. She snaps out of her daze and begins to make herself busy around the house in the couple of hours she has free before her shift starts at her new office job.
She notices that El had left her jacket on the sofa. Joyce moves slowly across the room as she goes to pick it up. The jacket that used to belong to Hopper. She stands for a little while, wondering whether holding it close will heal or hurt her more. She considers for a moment if things would’ve been different if she had gone on the date with him the year before, instead of standing him up for.. Magnets.
‘Stupid fucking magnets.’ She sighs to herself. Joyce picks up the jacket quickly, and hangs it up on the coat rail by the door. She notices a photograph Jonathan had taken when they first moved, which was now framed on the shelf, of Eleven and Will smiling as they unpack the first box in their new home. She reaches out to it, holding back her tears. Was this move the right decision for everyone? She clears up the kitchen table then goes to get ready for work. She does her hair in a ponytail and swipes a little powder across her face. Her work uniform consists of a black button up and black trousers. She looks at herself in the mirror and smiles to herself: ‘Another Tuesday in California. We aren’t in Hawkins anymore.’ She grabs her small black handbag, puts on her kitten heels and gets into her new car.
As Joyce’s door slams, the camera cuts to Jonathan exiting his car at the local high school. El and Will get out of the car more reluctantly. There are sounds of chattering school kids and shouting. It’s loud and busy. The buzz of a Tuesday in California.
‘Jonny, over here!’ Hails a boy from across the road to where Jonathan has parked. Jonathan searches for the voice that called him. Then he sees - it’s his new best friend Argyle. Jonathan likes California a lot more than he imagined. He’s no longer the weirdo here. He no longer only has his brother as a friend. He has people his age to talk to, who actually want to talk to him. ‘Hey Will, El, have a good day yeah? I’ll meet you back here at 3, okay?’ Jonathon says.
‘Thanks Jonathan, have a good day.’ El replies, she is evidently nervous.
‘It’s always a good day when I have physics.’ Will continues, ‘Bye Jonathan, see you later.’
Jonathan runs across the road, tightly gripping his satchel in his left hand with his camera in his right. He is greeted cheerily with an embrace from Argyle, who smells heavily of weed, and is probably already high, even if it is 8:30am.
‘Jonathan, I missed you buddy!’
‘Argyle I saw you last less than 24 hours ago, how can you miss me already?’
‘So are you suggesting you didn’t think about me at all? You didn’t miss me?’
‘Of course I missed you Args, you’re my best friend.’
‘You’ll never guess who I delivered a pizza to last night at work!’ Argyle exclaims, his smile wide but his eyes narrow.
‘Surprise me…’
‘-idy Barker, you never fail to shock me Args. Why don’t you just ask her out already? You’ve had a crush on her since, like, 4th grade.’
‘It’s not that simple brother, oh how I wish it was. I love that girl. I have calc with Jefferson, where are you heading J?’
‘Oh I’ve got photography with Miss Anders. East block. Better run.’ Jonathan smiles again as he starts to walk away from his new best friend. But he knows he isn’t going to Miss Anders’ class. He’s going home. To call Nancy.
He lingers behind the bike rails momentarily as he watches the crowds of school kids disappear to their classrooms. His wristwatch ticks on as the bell goes at 8:45. He notices Will and El chatting happily away as they enter the main entrance of the school. Jonathan likes having El around, for Will’s sake. She’s good for him. But part of him misses the bond he once held with his brother. They don’t speak as much as they did when it was just them. He convinces himself he isn’t jealous that Will has El to look out for him now, but he knows he’s hurt by it.
Jonathan proceeds back to his car, to unlock the driver side door. He crouches to get back in as he delicately places his camera on the passenger seat, where Will had been sitting just a short while before, then he puts his satchel down to. He checks his rear view mirror and reverses. The camera follows the car on the journey home. It’s october. The leaves on the trees are various tones of reds, browns and still a lot of green. Autumn in California isn’t the same as in Indiana.
He pulls up outside the new residence of the Byers family. It’s not a bungalow like the house in Hawkins, it has two floors and a wrap-around porch. It is clear that he is flustered. He is late for his call to Nancy. They hadn’t seen each other properly since the Byers’ left Hawkins, but they both felt like their relationship hadn’t changed. Jonathan frantically scrambles to find his house keys, whilst he juggles his camera and the contents of his satchel. As he unlocks the door, he hears the phone ringing in the kitchen. He lunges towards the wall just as it stops ringing. ‘Shit.’ He exclaims.
Hawkins, 1986
Nancy has been watching the clock for an hour. She knew Jonathan would be home at 9am, so she was waiting patiently for him. She was revising for her Math test in the meantime, to distract herself from how slow the clock was ticking. Her alarm rang. It’s time. She eagerly moves from her desk to her bed, and begins to dial his number. Answerphone. ‘It’s okay, he’s just not home yet.’ She tells herself, whilst putting in his number again. Answerphone for the second time. Nancy knows that Jonathan is a loyal and caring boyfriend, but she can’t help the tiny seed of doubt in the back of her mind. She tries for a third time, and decides he has probably forgotten that it’s Tuesday, as the dial tone drones on again for what seemed like hours to her.
She frustratedly slams the phone back onto her bedside table and sighs as she allows herself to fall back onto her bed. She stares at the ceiling, then at the clock: it’s 9:06. He’s forgotten. She misses him more than she allows herself to admit.
The phone rings. She leaps up and grabs the phone.
‘Nancy… I’m so sorry that I’m a little late… Argyle never stops talking.’ Jonathan says, clearly out of breath even through the unstable signal.
‘It’s okay Jonathan… It’s so good to hear your voice. How’s California?’
‘It’s okay. I miss being able to see the seasons. It’s always so hot here. And I obviously miss you, and weirdly, I miss the kids. But Nancy, I’ve made so many friends and I’m so happy. How are you holding up?’
‘I miss you. I hang out with Mike more than ever. He misses El, he’s tried to contact her on the walkie talkies a couple of times, but I don’t think it’s worked. He’s in a slump without her. He’s playing Dungeons and Dragons again…’
‘Oh God… It’s that bad?’
‘Yeah. That bad. I’m so glad you have a friend like Argyle, Jonathan. I hope I can meet him soon.’
‘Oh I’ve been meaning to ask, are we still doing Thanksgiving at yours? El and Will are so excited but I’ve forgotten to ask…’
‘Jonathan, I’m so sorry and I know I should’ve told you sooner, but my mom said she can’t have all of you over anymore, dad invited his brother’s family over instead and mom can’t accommodate everyone. Mike doesn’t know that he isn’t going to be seeing El and Will yet. I can’t break the news to him. I don’t know how. I can’t believe we might not be able to see each other until Christmas. I miss you.’
‘Fuck… The kids are going to be heartbroken. They were really looking forward to coming back to Hawkins, not only for Mike and you and Mrs Wheeler, but obviously Lucas and Max and Dustin’ he pauses, laughs, ‘and even Steve fucking Harrington.’
‘I know, I was so upset when I found out. We were so excited to have you back here, too. It’s so shitty, but we all know how much of a dick my dad can be.’
‘I love you Nancy. I’ll talk to my mom when she gets home from work and see what we can do. She probably wouldn’t mind you guys coming here, but you will need to be with your family…’
‘Everything’s just so complicated now. I wish you never left. Please stay safe. I need you.’
‘Nance, everything was even more complicated before. Remember? My brother got taken to an alternate dimension? Max’s brother got killed by the Mind Flayer? Your best friend-’
‘-okay Jonathan I get the idea. I’m sure it’s easier for you now that you don’t live here anymore. You don’t have to see the places where our friends got hurt.’
‘Nance, come on. You know what I mean. We had to go. For my mom, for Will, for Eleven.’
‘I know, I know. I just don’t feel safe here anymore. I haven’t for a long time.’
‘I fucking wish you could’ve come with us Nance. I miss you so much. It’s nearly time for you to get to school, can’t be skipping during Senior year!’
‘I miss you too, Jonathan. I love you. Wait - aren’t you skipping during senior year?’
‘For a good cause. I get to speak to you. I better run though, before they notice I’m not at school and call my mom. She won’t want another of her children to have gone missing…’ He laughs, wryly.
Nancy laughs half-heartedly. She understands that humour is a coping mechanism for Jonathan. They’ve been through so much. ‘Okay Mr Byers, I best go then… I love you. I’ll call you tomorrow.’
‘Goodbye Miss Wheeler. Speak tomorrow.’
And just like that, their conversation was over. A couple of minutes of conversation was the only interaction they could get each day. Nancy knew that even so, they always had one thing in common, and a scar to remind them: shared trauma.
‘How do you know she’ll have finished school by now, Mike?’ Dustin asked, pedalling his bike.
‘We always skip at this time on a tuesday, 2 o’clock our time and 3 o’clock there, and now we have a strong enough radio, she’ll be able to contact us back.’ Mike grinned, the thought of being able to speak to the small girl he loved was the best possibility. The party arrived back at Mike’s house just as Nancy was pulling in from school, too. Mike had left a note in her locker to be home by 2pm if she wanted to speak to El, Jonathan and Will without racking up Joyce’s phone bill.
The party + Nancy were surprised to see Steve’s car pulling up on the curb with Robin inside, and as Steve got out of the car he yelled:
‘Store was dead today, Keith let us go early.’
Robin hugged Nancy, and they all walked towards the basement.
Mike was fiddling around with the frequency until he got the right one, and picked up the mouthpiece.
‘El, are you there? Over.’
Static crackled for a few moments until el’s voice broke out:
‘Mike, I'm here, over.’ The party all spoke over each other at once before Steve of all people got the mouthpiece.
‘Hey, El, Steve here, how are you and the Byers’ doing?’
‘Good. Pretty good. Sad, we miss.. Home. Tell us, about.. You? Working? Robin?’
‘Oh yeah, Robin, tell everyone about who you met today!’
‘OH okay, well, i met this girl, she had a different sort of accent than everyone from around here, had a group of like, bandits with her too, one guy had like an orange mohawk? Was weird. Anyway, we spoke for ages and she only told me her name before she left.’ Robin mooned into the mouthpiece.
She was met with status until Will’s voice rang out:
‘Well? What was her name?’
‘Oh! Yeah. Sorry. Her name was Kali.’
‘...Kali?’ El spoke, before shutting off her end of the radio.
‘What did I do?’ Robin asked.
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2020.11.20 13:03 House_of_Suns /r/QOTSA Official Band of the Week 29: PIXIES

When we try to describe a taste, it is usually done by referencing other tastes or smells. Like, this Scotch tastes like a mixture of caramel overlaid with lilac and just a hint of rocket fuel and dirty socks. When we try to describe something we touched, we reference similar feelings. This would be like describing the feeling of touching a down blanket as being as soft as 10-ply. We do much the same thing when we describe a band or a genre of music. “This singer,” we say, “sounds like Debbie Harry and Tom Waits had an illicit affair, and the bastard child of that union was raised in an orphanage run by a strung-out Demi Lovato.”
Not for nothing, but I’m pretty sure that the singer in that description would be Taylor Momsen.
...but I digress.
The founding member of this week’s band once advertised for musicians who liked the music of Hüsker Dü and Peter, Paul, and Mary. In fact, the band is a study in contrasts - in style, in volume, in lyrical subject material, and from album to album. They are a band that never hit it big, but who influenced lots and lots of artists who did.
That's right. As requested, this week's featured artist is Pixies.
About Them
Wait, don’t you mean THE Pixies?
Nope. It’s Pixies. Just Pixies. That’s their name. Just like the name of the nation is Canada, not The Canada. Just one name, like Madonna and Xzibit and Sting and Prince and Eminem and Lorde. Like, if you put the word ‘the’ before any of those artists (The Eminem ?), it dramatically changes the meaning, so they are definitively known just by the one word.
Yeah, I wish it felt less awkward, but it is what it is.
So you know how you sometimes say that the time has come? As in, the time has come for a female, asian, black Vice-President? Well, that time for Pixies was really in the mid-1990s when Grunge and Alternative Rock ruled the airwaves.
That’s why it is such a bummer that they broke up in 1993.
Formed in Boston in 1986, Pixies were an incredibly influential and innovative band who truly paved the way for acts like Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins and Weezer and Radiohead. They were an evocative and eclectic mix of rock and folk and punk and laid-back surf sounds, with multiple vocalists and musical genres. Their lyrics ran the gamut from reincarnation to extraterrestrials to pop culture to mutilation. The band was founded by Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV. Recognizing that his name sounds like a Disney villain, he changed it to the uplifting and somewhat culturally insensitive Black Francis. Seriously, I’m not certain you could do something like that today.
Black Francis grew up as the son of bar owners in California and was influenced by his parents’ love of Folk music and Christian Rock. He was not exposed to Punk or Rock until his teens, which may explain on some level why the band’s music can veer so wildly from one style to another. After spending some time in Puerto Rico, he met co-founder Joey Santiago at the University of Massachusetts in the early 1980s.
Santiago was born in the Philippines in 1965. His family moved to America to escape Ferdinand Marcos in 1972. Santiago was obsessed with Iggy Pop and The Velvet Underground as a teenager and learned to play guitar. One evening at Uni he heard loud guitar cranking out down the hall and rushed to join in. It was Black Francis. The two bonded and became friends and roommates. They went to concerts - notably, Black Flag - and were inspired. Black Francis was a singer and guitarist and set about turning his life experiences into songs.
By 1986, the duo had a decision to make: drop out of school and go to New Zealand to see Halley’s Comet, or form a band. They chose to found Pixies. They put the aforementioned advertisement out in the paper to get a bass player and met Kim Deal, the band’s female co-singer. Kim Deal and her identical twin sister Kelley Deal grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. Kim became a prolific songwriter as a kid and learned the guitar. Sister Kelley played the bass and drums. Kim borrowed Kelley’s bass for the audition and nailed it.
Pixies offered Kelley Deal the drumming gig but she declined, not feeling like she was ready. Don’t feel too bad for her though - she moved to California to pursue a career in computer programming. No shit, true story. When that didn’t pan out, she picked up the guitar and joined the band The Breeders. So that turned out alright for her.
Pixies hired David Lovering to sit behind the kit because he was at Kim’s wedding reception. Kim’s husband recommended him. Lovering is (if you can believe it) an accomplished magician who has actually performed under the name The Scientific Phenomenalist.
Geez, man, save some ladies for the rest of us.
The dude was working at Radio Shack (fuck, he had all the dating advantages) and graduated with a degree in electronic engineering and had a job to build lasers. He drummed on the side for fun with a few bar bands. Goddam chick magnet. Lovering was also able to secure his parents’ garage as a rehearsal space. Honestly, is everything this man ever did an absolute amazing move of male seduction? Side note: this fucker was such a goddam stud that after Pixies broke up, he TURNED DOWN an opportunity to drum for the Foo Fighters.
Some guys have all the luck.
With the lineup set, the band started to get gigs in small bars in Boston. At one of these, they were discovered by record producer Gary Smith. Smith - who would later work with Billy Bragg and 10,000 Maniacs - knew talent when he saw it, and got the band into the studio to do some recording.
This series of recordings came to be known as The Purple Tape, because of the color of the background. The work was done over a period of three days and produced 17 tracks. SEVENTEEN. That is an enormous outpouring in a 72-hour period. Pixies’ new manager and local promoter Ken Goes took those recordings and shopped them to a number of record labels. One label, 4AD, took an interest and signed the band. Eight of the tracks from the Smith recordings were made into an EP called Come on Pilgrim, their first official release. Two of the tracks on the EP were sung in Spanish and two were about incest. Yep, you read that right.
Pixies followed up their 1987 EP debut by spending ten days in the studio recording their first full length album, Surfer Rosa. Two tracks on the album - Gigantic and Where Is My Mind? - were released as singles in 1988. The mix of hard distorted rock and bizarre lyrics with peaceful pop melodies made it unlike anything else in music at the time. Their fresh sound (and perhaps the racy cover) brought the band legit airplay on college radio in the US.
Over in Europe, though, the album rocketed up the Indie charts. Just like health care and no need for gun ownership, Pixies were much more popular in Europe than in their own country. Pixies toured heavily in support of the album, and found a growing number of fans of their unique sound. Surfer Rosa also had an impact on a number of artists, most notably Kurt Cobain. Cobain would state that the album Nevermind was directly inspired by it. Well, I guess both albums did have nudity on the cover, so there is that. Cobain went so far as to hire the producer of Surfer Rosa, Steve Albini, to work on In Utero.
The album Doolittle was released in 1989 and picked up right where Surfer Rosa left off. This is because Francis was writing songs for the album while the band was touring. Doolittle got the band signed to the major label Elektra. It spawned the singles Debaser, Here Comes Your Man, and Monkey Gone to Heaven. Songs on it covered disparate subjects like gouging out eyes and murdesucide as well as environmentalism and biblical stories. This album is like taking one song off of each King Gizzard album and trying to mash them together. It is like David Lynch doing meth and then magic mushrooms and then coke, one after another.
It was wildly popular in the underground scene and hit #8 on the British charts. Here Comes Your Man even charted in the US. It actually sold decently and was a moderate success overall. But what is really most notable about the album is not so much a single song, as their use of dynamics. Pixies pioneered the sudden swings of loud to quiet in songs, and made it their thing.
Unfortunately, the pressure of recording the album and the constant touring were leading to cracks in the band. Deal and Francis began to bicker and spat almost constantly. This escalated to the point where Francis hurled a guitar at Deal during a concert, and Deal refused to perform. The source of the conflict was songwriting: Francis wanted creative control and so did Deal. The tension grew so high that the band took a break. Francis did a solo tour in that time and Deal went off to found the band The Breeders - the same one sister Kelley would join.
Since Deal found a creative outlet elsewhere, she came to accept that Pixies really had only one singer: Francis. After a hiatus of over a year, the band came back together to record the album Bossanova. With a sound more like Surf Rock and songs about space aliens, it was another departure from the norm. It was also the first Pixies record to not have any songs by Deal.
That just made it more popular in Europe. No kidding, it went to number 3 on the UK Charts. Two singles from the album - Velouria and Dig for Fire - got ample airplay. They once again began to tour, and once again hit the grind of the road.
The band entered the studio one last time in 1991 to record Trompe le Monde. The most notable thing about this record - apart from it being their last studio album - was how little it featured Kim Deal. One reviewer said it was “...essentially Black Francis’ solo debut.” Bossanova had no songs written by her, but still had her as a vocalist. This record pushed her into the harmony role. Trompe le Monde had four singles: Planet of Sound, Alec Eiffel, Letter to Memphis, and Head On (apply directly to the forehead). The record got them great gigs, including opening for U2 on the Zoo TV tour.
Abruptly in 1993, Pixies came to an end. Black Francis simply announced on BBC - without even telling the other members of the band - that they were over. The constant touring, the bickering, the strain of recording and the changing dynamic as Deal was slowly squeezed out of the band had given rise to conflict that overshadowed any growing success they had achieved.
From 1993 to 2003, the band members fell into solo projects (or magic performances) and it seemed like things were pretty bleak for fans. Unless you liked pulling rabbits out of hats, I mean. Then you were golden.
But in 2003, they decided to cash in on that sweet nostalgia give it another go. They got together and released a series of short EPs to justify touring and hit the circuit again. Fans didn’t care. They just wanted to see them play. They did gimmicks like play the album Doolittle track-for-track on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. They had fun, they made cash, and fans got to see them. All was right in the world.
But the tensions slowly rose over time and by 2013, the band announced that Deal was no longer a member. The slow breakup that had begun with Bossanova was finally formalized. She was replaced by Kim Shattuck from Pandoras, who was in turn replaced by Paz Lenchantin of A Perfect Circle. Lenchantin was made a permanent member of the band in 2016.
The lineup with Lenchantin has done more than tour: they no-shit released new music in 2016. The album Head Carrier was no mere collection of EP tracks; it was a legit new record. And they followed this up last year. The album Beneath the Eyrie dropped in September of 2019 and once again moved the band in new directions.
The influence of Pixies cannot be understated. Kurt Cobain loved them. U2 still love them. Radiohead swear by them. The late great David Bowie was a huge Pixies fan and when touring with his side project Tin Machine in 1991, Bowie and the boys covered Debaser. He also covered the song Cactus on his 2002 album Heathen.
Even if you don’t care for them without Kim Deal (when is Nick coming back?), you gotta love that they are still making music.
Links to QOTSA
Pixies’ current bassist Paz Lenchantin was in the band A Perfect Circle with resident QotSA vampire and guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen. Lenchantin is also credited as playing the strings on Mosquito Song.
Josh did a radio show a number of years ago discussing the history of the band.
Dave Grohl thought so much of Dave Lovering’s magic act (these are the Daves I know, I know...these are the Daves I know) that he offered him a chance to drum for the Foo Fighters.
Their Music
Velouria - probably the laziest video ever made
Gigantic - Live in 1988
Gouge Away - live on BBC in 2019
Monkey Gone to Heaven
Wave of Mutilation - UK Surf and Original
Where Is My Mind - Oh look! I have eyes on a locomotive.
Hey - Seriously Lumineers, Pixies did it first and weirder.
Here Comes Your Man - Clearly they didn't have the room for lip syncing in their 50$ video budget.
Show Them Some Love
Yeah, I know I made a big deal about it not being THE Pixies, but it turns out that /pixies was already taken and is a private subreddit...which leads me to believe that this is some kind of short hair fetish club.
Really, your guess is as good as mine.
Previous Posts
Band of the Week #1-25
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
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Alain Johannes
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2020.11.19 22:18 EuroleagueBot Post-Match Thread: Saski Baskonia - Panathinaikos [EuroLeague Regular Season, Round 10]

Event Date: November 19, 2020 20:30 CET
Attendance: 0 (Tentative)
Saski Baskonia 93
Panathinaikos 72
BY QUARTER 1 2 3 4
Saski Baskonia 20 26 20 27
Panathinaikos 23 16 19 14
2 RAIESTE, SANDER 3:06 1 1
3 VILDOZA, LUCA 24:16 19 1/3 5/7 2/2 4 4 1 2 1 3 19
5 JEKIRI, TONYE 27:52 10 5/6 3 7 10 2 2 1 1 20
7 HENRY, PIERRIA 23:09 14 2/2 2/4 4/6 3 3 12 2 2 25
8 SEDEKERSKIS, TADAS 9:03 2 1/1 3 3 1 1 5
12 DIOP, ILIMANE 9:26 5 2/2 1/2 3 3 3 5
19 FALL, YOUSSOUPHA 1:35 1 1 -2
25 PETERS, ALEC 25:48 19 2/2 4/5 3/3 2 2 4 2 1 2 25
30 DRAGIC, ZORAN 16:03 6 2/6 0/2 2/3 1 3 4 4 2 1 6
31 GIEDRAITIS, ROKAS 26:54 12 3/3 2/7 1 1 1 3 2 1 9
33 POLONARA, ACHILLE 27:09 6 2/3 0/3 2/2 2 1 3 1 2 1 8
47 KURUCS, ARTURS 5:39 0/1 1 1 1 2 -1
Team 1 -1
Totals 200:00 93 20/28 13/29 14/18 8 28 36 24 5 14 4 18 118
0 MACK, SHELVIN 12:17 2 1/4 1 1 2 -2
6 PAPAGIANNIS, GEORGIOS 29:44 11 4/7 0/1 3/3 3 7 10 1 2 1 2 16
7 BOCHORIDIS, ELEFTHERIOS 16:22 0/3 0/2 0/2 2 2 2 1 2 -4
8 AUGUSTE, ZACH 4:58 2 1/2 2 1 3 1 3
10 PAPAPETROU, IOANNIS 29:27 17 3/7 3/6 2/3 3 3 1 1 12
14 KASELAKIS, LEONIDAS 14:47 4 0/1 1/2 1/3 1 2 -2
17 FOSTER, MARCUS 4:32 2 1/1 2
26 NEDOVIC, NEMANJA 27:53 15 1/3 3/6 4/5 1 1 5 1 6 2 13
30 WHITE, AARON 18:02 8 2/3 0/1 4/4 2 1 3 1 3 8
44 MITOGLOU, KONSTANTINOS 16:40 2 1/4 0/1 2 2 1 1 1 1 -1
50 BENTIL, BEN DNP - - - - - - - - - - - - -
74 SANT-ROOS, HOWARD 25:18 9 2/2 1/4 2/2 6 3 1 1 15
Team 1 2 3 3
Totals 200:00 72 16/37 8/23 16/22 10 17 27 16 6 14 1 17 63
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2020.11.19 00:26 JohannesTEvans Tale From A Gravedigger (Part 2)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
I was having the dreams again last night, stronger than before. I woke up a few times, almost crawled out of bed and back to the computer to keep writing it all down, but Gez sleeps on top of me like I’m his personal bloody pillow, and he was wrapped around me last night – maybe he knew I was having nightmares, I don’t know.
He hasn’t mentioned it this morning, but he never does. He knows I don’t want to talk about it, I s’pose, and I did say I was writing it down.
It’s a little past seven, and he’s in his office on the other side of the village – he’s a counsellor, and he prefers to do everything in his little office, and there’s no one else in there with him, so he doesn’t have to worry too much about restrictions. All the appointments he does via video.
I’m waffling – procrastinating, I guess. Avoidance and all that.
The nightmares are relevant, though. I had my first of the nightmares the night I took them letters home.
I don’t normally dream much. Not that I never dream, you know, but I just don’t dream very often – or if I do, I almost always forget them.
The dream sort of started out where I thought I’d woken up – I was sat up in the armchair and came to, and Wodehouse was gone, and somehow, the TV had turned off. I sort of sat there for a moment, thinking that something had woken me up, but I wasn’t sure what, and then, it was like…
It was like being assaulted with sound.
I could hear lots of sounds all at once and I could pick them out of the cacophony (looked that up in the dictionary, no harm in that), but they were all happening at the same time, painfully loud: pages turning and voices talking sort of whispered and hushed and a knock on a door and screaming and a bell ringing and splintering wood and a big clatter of something hitting a tiled surface and trees creaking in the wind and the wind itself howling up a storm and everything else—
I put my hands over my ears and screamed and shouted for it to stop, because it felt like all those sounds were advancing on me, like somehow they were solid and I was going to be crushed between them all, and then it went so silent I thought I’d gone deaf.
It was the shock of the silence that woke me up properly, and when I blinked awake, I had a crick in my neck I’d not had in the dream, and Wodehouse had sort of strangely worked himself into my armpit like a hot water bottle so I was soaked with sweat on one side more than the other, and the television was flashing brightly as Dad’s Army played on mute, so I turned it off.
I hadn’t put it on mute myself, but given that the picture was also scuppered, I put that down to Wodehouse stepping on the remote rather than any ghostly intervention – he had an awful habit of doing that. Still does now.
I was shivering a bit, still in my work clothes and, as I said, damp with sweat, and it was still dark as anything, but it was about five o’clock, or something like that. All the lights were still on in the house, and I felt silly about it, about my turn the night before, and I almost turned a few of them off, the ones that didn’t need to be on, but I just didn’t. I even reached out for the light switch in the corridor to switch it off, because the light in the living room always lit the little corridor just fine, but I was cowardly about it, and pulled my hand back.
I turned on the hot water and had a shower, and spent far longer under the spray than I really needed to – my parents had kept my grandfather’s bungalow in pretty good nick since he died. He’d died in ’92, and my grandmother had died a few years before, and although my parents had away some of their personal effects, not the photos, you know, but knick-knacks and what-have-you, they’d left most of the furniture and the sheets and stuff, so that when any family wanted to visit, they could stay in the bungalow, and they’d never sold it – I think, really, because they wanted me to come home and live nearby. Not under the circumstances I did, obviously, but I think that was why they’d never sold it on.
Anyway, my granddad had been getting on a bit before he died, and although he always kept at his job in the graveyard, he had a few things put in the house that I used then – there were bars to help you get in and out of the bath, which is a godsend when you’ve got one weak side and can’t trust the purchase you can get even on the shower mat, and he had this brilliant, white plastic shower chair with a sort of plastic cushion on it.
Me and Gez don’t live in the bungalow – we rent it out to some funny, artsy looking girl with an Irish Wolfhound – but I brought that chair with me, and Gez, I can tell you, hates it.
That morning, I sat on that chair for ages – I barely even scrubbed myself down, just sort of sat under the water and tried to rub the ache out of my neck, and did my best to make sense of the night before.
I just kept thinking about the man I’d seen in the graveyard and how he’d disappeared like a puff of smoke, and how I couldn’t think of what he looked like, because I’d not really seen him properly, you know? I sort of sat there, my head in my hands and my elbows on my knees under the shower, and I tried to think of everyone I knew in the village and slotted them into the silhouette I’d seen and tried to make them fit, but no one did.
I didn’t even really remember the actual letters until the water started to go cold and I had to get out – I remembered getting them out, and I remembered the scare I got in the chapel, but I forgot that I took them home until I stepped onto the bathmat, and then I remembered all at once, and I felt a sort of cold, horrible dread take hold of me.
I couldn’t think why I’d done it as I dried myself off and put on fresh clothes – it seemed mad to me, like the actions of someone else. Why the fuck had I decided to bring them home? I should have left them there. I should’ve put them back into that loose brick and pretended like I’d never laid eyes on it, but that wasn’t what I’d done, and now I’d brought them letters home and put them in my house.
I went into the little kitchen in a daze, put a tin of food out for Wodehouse, and put some sausages in the frying pan to cook, and after I’d drunk a little bit of my tea, I sort of looked at my satchel out of the corner of my eye, like it was a girl I was trying not to make eye contact with in a club, in case she got the wrong idea.
When I opened it, I think I was hoping it would be gone, or that I’d dreamed it up, but obviously, I hadn’t. There was grey stone dust all over the inside of my satchel off it, and I slowly lifted it out, and put it down on the little kitchen table.
Wodehouse, mistakenly thinking it might be more food – he’d already finished his finest from the supermarket – toddled up and gave it a cursory sniff. I stood there, holding my breath, waiting for him to hiss or yowl or stand up on his back paws and make the sign of the cross or something.
He just dropped heavily onto his back and made the table creak, although it did make me laugh, so I was grateful for that.
I didn’t read all the letters at once, so I suppose what I’ll do is sort of transcribe them – I still have them, normally keep them in the back of the wardrobe in that same box, although much cleaner now – one by one, but at the same time as I read them myself.
They weren’t dated or nothing, like I said before – they were just in a kind of sheaf tied together, and now I smelled them in my kitchen, instead of in the chapel where it had smelt of stone dust and soap and still a bit of cigarette smoke, they smelled musty, like old paper did, and a bit waxy, like they’d been sealed with it, but when I pulled the first envelope out of the stack, I could see it hadn’t been sealed at all – none of them had.
The tongue of the envelope had just been folded into the opening, and the glue was very dry and felt rough under my fingers when I touched it – it had never been wetted.
I’ve never been a psychic or believed in any of that shite, but stood there in my kitchen, holding that envelope in my hand, I felt the sort of… I felt an absolute, real certainty, knew it right down to my bones, that no one had ever opened it before.
It’s not right to read someone else’s post – my grandparents, both of them, always nailed that into me, even before I ever thought about being a postman. They got sent other people’s post sometimes, because there was another Ray Darvill but spelt with an E – Darville – who was a farmer, and whenever he got the post misdelivered, he’d put the envelopes in my satchel and pat me on the head and send me to walk out to the Darvilles and give it over.
I think I asked him once, if he wasn’t ever curious what got told to Mr Darville in his letters, and he went off on a whole speech about how morally wrong and reprehensible and all that that it’d be to open someone else’s post, ‘cause it was an invasion of privacy and you could get hauled in by the coppers and all that.
It didn’t occur to me then, though, that my grandfather had ever seen the letters. The lockbox was old enough, and made of tin without plastic, and it was very square – it could easily have been in that wall long before my granddad took up his shovel and the job.
My instinct was to return the letter to sender, but there wasn’t even a delivery address, let alone an RTS, and as I sort of worked my finger under the tongue of the envelope and pried it out with a crinkling sound of dry paper, I think for a second, I sort of had a little fantasy of seeing an address inside and delivering them all those years late.
There wasn’t any address. There wasn’t any date, either – and that surprised me, because it was old paper, nice paper, that had been written on with a fancy ink pen or something, and I thought of all my lessons letter writing at school, and how you always had to put the address and the date in the top right corner, and put your address to, and all that.
Dear Peter, the letter started, and it made a shudder run down my spine because I remembered that horrible whispered voice right in my ear at the chapel again, and I put the letter down and went to turn my sausages over, and kind of stood there staring blankly out into the dark of the yard before I steeled myself and went back to it.
* * *
Dear Peter,
I miss you.
I know you’d laugh to hear it from me, and it is stupid, I know it is, but I keep thinking of the bit in my novels where the heroine thinks the hero has gone off for ever, when she thinks he’s dead or that he’s gone away to war forever, and then he hoves in out of the darkness to embrace her, and she’s so happy she could die.
I keep hoping that will happen, that you’ll come home, and I understand why you won’t, but I still miss you.
I always thought of heartache as something metaphorical, a literary trope invented purely for the purposes of fiction, and yet when I think of you now, I know that I was always wrong: my heart does ache, Peter. It’s a sort of dull, hollow pain in the very core of my chest, a painful emptiness, like a part of me is missing – and I suppose a part of me is, because I thought when first we met that we were part of one another.
I think of you near constantly. There hasn’t been a moment of the day since you left that I haven’t thought of you.
I think of the way you always used to pick up the music box off the shelf in the antique shop and wind it up, and how you’d dance around as I sat behind the desk with my hand on my chin and watched you, and laughed, because you were ridiculous – and do you remember, Peter, you’d say, “You must never sell this, you know, or I’ll simply cease to come back.”
And I said, “I don’t see why I should care if you come back or not – you never buy anything.”
“Maybe I’m sizing something up,” you’d say, with that wry grin of yours, and I’d feel exhilarated and my cheeks would burn, and I’d have to duck into the back office to do something to cope – or my mother or father would call me from the workshop, and interrupt.
I play memories of you, Peter, the way you used to wind up that music box – I wind them up and dance with them, at all hours of the day.
I think of the first time you stood next to me in church, and you stood so close to me, and I didn’t have the slightest idea what you were at, and when your hand brushed mine I thought that it was an accident even though it made the back of my neck burn, because when I looked at you your gaze was focused forward, listening intently to the sermon – but you were smiling, and I hoped, I hoped so desperately, that it was for me, and when it turned out that it was, I thought I’d drop dead of it.
I never used to tell you you were handsome, did I?
I always thought it, you know.
I didn’t want to tell you because I knew that you already knew, and if I said it it would only go to your head, but I always thought you were handsome, always thought you were impossibly charming. I know you loved to make fun of my books, Peter, but when you mocked up the heroes in the books I read, when you brushed your hands through your beard or when you pretended to fence with an invisible sword, or just when you pulled your shirt open and showed your chest hair and asked if I wanted to stroke it until I all but cried with laughter, you really did resemble one of them.
When I walk past the chapel, now, I look up at the bell tower and I think of all the times we used to spend together in there – how I’d sit there by candlelight with by book, and I always meant to keep an eye out for you, but as I waited, I’d get so into my book that I’d be enveloped in it, and I wouldn’t hear you come in.
I wouldn’t know you were there at all, but then you’d blow out the candle, and as shocked as I’d be by the darkness, as breathless I would be with surprise, I’d feel like a balloon about to burst because I’d feel so much joy, because you were there and we were alone together, and I used to dream about the way you laughed into my mouth when you bent to kiss me.
Do you remember, Peter, how after you lit the candle again, hours later, you’d always grab whatever romance I’d been reading, and you’d quickly rush to read the last page? It used to infuriate me that you’d do that, but now I think of it it makes my heartache worse.
I remember you said to me once, “I have to know how it ends!”
“But you’re not even reading the rest!”
“That doesn’t matter,” you said. “We’re all just endings, really – it’s the ending that makes a romance, beloved. All that comes before doesn’t matter.”
And you dropped the book in your lap and cupped my hands in yours and you bent and kissed the backs of my knuckles and it was so impossibly romantic, the two of us lit by candlelight, I almost imagined that in a hundred years, we might be able to be on a cover of a book like that ourselves.
I didn’t know it would end the way it did, and I don’t suppose you did either.
Oh, Peter.
I miss you. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you – I could write those three words forever like I was back in the schoolhouse, but they wouldn’t do anything, would they?
I find myself talking to you, sometimes, as if you’re there, when I’m alone in the shop. What with Mum and Dad and now you too, it seems like everybody in the world has abandoned me at once, and I know that’s a terribly selfish way of looking at it, but I just feel so dreadfully alone, Peter.
Maybe it’s because they’ve been gone for longer, but I don’t find myself talking to my parents, just to you – I have dreams, sometimes, that you answer me back from wherever you are, and they feel so very real.
I thought a letter would help.
I think it has, even if only in a small way.
I miss you, Peter – I love you still. I hope you know that.
Your beloved
* * *
It was an impossibly intimate letter that I was holding in my hand, I realised, and once I’d finished it, I hurriedly folded it away and put it back in the envelope like I was frightened of someone catching me. It really did feel shameful, you know, looking over someone’s shoulder at the aftermath of their break-up, and I felt like it was very wrong of me to have looked – and at the same time, I wanted to read the next one, and I felt very bad about that, too.
I didn’t read the next one right away.
Perhaps if I had, what happened next wouldn’t have happened – I’m really not sure.
But what I did after that was I put the letter back int the stack with the letters, and I opened the drawer at the bottom of the kitchen drawers and slid it in on top of the fire blanket, and I focused on making my breakfast.
That’s the last thing I remember about that day – my hip gave a little bit of a twinge, and I shifted my weight onto my good leg, and I remember turning to the fridge and getting the bacon out, and the carton of eggs, too. I remember, a bit more fuzzily, then, cracking open one of the eggs.
After that…
All the lights went out. And I mean all of them, not just the lights in the house, not just the light bulbs, but the little red light that showed that the hob was turned on and the green lit-up numbers that showed on the microwave and what little sun had just been starting to show wanly through the clouds outside, that was snuffed out too.
It was so, so dark, and I was so frightened, and I remember trying to cry out, but my mouth wouldn’t move, and I was so very cold I really, genuinely, thought that I was dying. It was a cold like I’d never felt in my life, even after the year I swam in the sea on new year’s day a few years before to help raise money for a cancer charity, and I came out with my teeth chattering and my body shaking, feeling like I’d never be warm again.
This cold wasn’t like that.
When I was cold from that, from the damp, there was a sort of strange feeling to it – my body was very cold, my skin, that is, but I could feel how hot the inside of my chest was, and as numb as my hands and feet were, my blood felt so hot in my gut that I felt like it would burn me, the difference between the temperatures I was at on the inside and the outside were so different.
This cold wasn’t like that.
There was no hot burn in the centre of my chest – there was just more cold, and it was so all-encompassing, so oppressive, so painful, I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t shout for help, couldn’t even think, really. I felt a vague terror but I couldn’t even concentrate on that because the freezing cold was needling at me, and I didn’t think it was ever going to stop, it felt eternal.
I couldn’t move an inch, ramrod straight with my back lent back against one of the kitchen counters, and when I felt a tear run down my cheek, it felt so cold I thought it must have turned to ice before it reached my beard.
I couldn’t tell you how long it lasted.
I was fucking insensate to whatever time even meant anymore, I was sat there for however long, and then there was a sudden burst of extremely bright light – but for how bright it was, it was still very very cold, like when the sun shines very brightly on a snowy day, and the reflection off the snow hurts your eyes.
But there was this painful flash of light, and I saw a man crouched in front of me, and he wasn’t like the skinny man I’d seen before – this man, even crouched down, was built more like me: he was broad and heavy. Because the bright light was behind him, I couldn’t really make out his face except for his eyes, which were a sort of flinty grey colour, and the curve of his smile shadowed horribly on his face – I knew that he was handsome, but in that light, with those horrible shadows, it was twisted, somehow.
And then the light went out again, and I was in the dark, and the coldness was fading quickly like I’d been dropped into a very hot bath, and it really did burn, it hurt. I sort of hissed and fidgeted and tried to shake out my frozen joints, and I became aware that my bacon was burned to a crisp and the smoke detector was screaming, and Wodehouse was frantically walking back and forth over my legs and trying to put his paws on my chest and miaowing at the top of his lungs.
The bottom drawer was open.
The lockbox was open too.
The letter I’d already read, I realised when I, with trembling hands, picked up the letters again, had been moved to the back of the pile, so that it was easier for me to read the next one. Like a ghost’s fucking answer to a modern man’s Netflix queue.
* * *
I took up the box, then, putting it aside, and I gave up with breakfast, tossing the burnt to a crisp sausage and bacon aside, because they were so close to charcoal even Wodehouse wasn’t interested in them, and the eggs had all but evaporated.
I walked out of the house with the lockbox with me, and went to the chapel – it was past seven, but I did get there earlier than I ordinarily would have, and when I went in, I went straight into the office, putting the letters on my desk and lighting a fire.
I think that was why I wanted to be in the chapel, maybe – it could have been something else, but I wanted to be next to a nice fireplace, wanted to feel its heat. The cold had faded away, but I remembered it keenly – I still remember it now, more vividly than I’d want.
* * *
Dear Peter,
I’ve been thinking of you this week.
You know that, of course, you have to know it, even if you never read this letter, never know of its contents, but I’ve been thinking of you constantly, always, always, I think of you. In my dreams, we’re together in the chapel belltower, laid out on the picnic blanket you stole from your sister the first time we crept up there together, and you showed me the wood-floored room above the hanging bell, and said, “This shall be our sanctum, beloved: look, let me christen it!” and you spread the blanket out on the floor.
How many hours in our lives, in the decade we’ve had together – if we can call it being together – do you think the two of us have spent laid on that blanket together, our legs entangled, a romance abandoned on the corner of the blanket beside us?
I remember, I used to find it so very cold in the tower, when I was ringing the bell with the others, but somehow, when it was the two of us, it never bothered me. Sometimes, my wrist would twinge if it was very cold – do you remember that? – and you’d notice my little wince, and you’d pick up my hand so gently and lay kisses along the skin, and say you were pouring love into the wound.
I’ve been thinking of that a lot.
But, Peter.
I know I talk out loud sometimes, and I know I miss you, but I’m so certain that you’re listening at my door sometimes, even though you don’t answer me, and it drives me so crazy. You mustn’t do that, Peter.
I do miss you, and I do want you, and I do love you, but, Peter, you mustn’t do that.
It frightens me.
It frightens me so badly – didn’t you hear me last night, when I asked you to stop, and to go away?
But I knew that you weren’t there. I couldn’t hear you, exactly, and of course I couldn’t see you, but I was so very certain that you were just there on the other side of the door, and even though I started talking more, even though I was talking to you, until I was begging, Peter, you can’t just—
You can’t do that, you mustn’t.
You mustn’t listen like that, and never say anything – but you mustn’t say anything either. You must stop this, Peter.
It isn’t right.
And it does pain me to write this, because I love you, and I miss you so very badly, and though a part of me swells to feel you there, you are gone from me for a reason, and you mustn’t frighten me like that.
If you love me, Peter, you wouldn’t scare me so.
Your beloved
* * *
I don’t think I even breathed between reading that one and picking up the next one. I folded it up and put it back into its envelope, and I picked up the next one, I think, before I’d even considered what I was doing. I did it on autopilot, almost, or automatically.
* * *
Dear Peter,
You woke me last night, Peter.
It doesn’t make it better for you to come to me when I’m not awake.
It’s been difficult for me to sleep, these past few days – I’ve been trying so hard not to speak out loud, thinking of you, trying not to talk to you again, because I think I almost convinced myself I had just gone a little mad, that I’d had a little episode and upset myself, that that was all it was. I’ve had such a stressful year, after all, and that sort of thing happens to a man from time to time, and I believed…
What made you do it, Peter?
Did I say your name when I was sleeping?
You used to tell me I talked in my sleep, and the first time you told me that, after I’d fallen asleep with my head in your lap in the belltower on a warm summer’s evening, where we’d snuck up although it was still so light outside, I had such a vivid imagining of the two of us sharing a bed, some time in the future, if we could ever go away from here and have a sort of marriage for ourselves, no matter what our families would think or say, what anyone would say.
It seemed so wholly and entirely darling, the very thought of the two of us laid in the same bed together, side by side, our hands entwined while we slept, although you said you’d never be able to sleep a wink lying at my side, because I talked even more sleeping than I did awake.
I remember when you told me that it took me by surprise, and I was worried you really hated that part of me, that you were speaking candidly when you said you would never share a bed with me, and oh, Peter, if you could only have seen your own face, the way it crumpled, your mouth falling open, your brows furrowing. You cupped my cheeks and held me so close to you, and said, “Beloved, beloved, I would sleep beside you ‘til the end of time if someone offered it to me, no matter how much you babbled.”
Was that it, Peter?
Did I say your name?
It gave me such a shock, that knocking at the door, and I’m sorry to say this and I hope it doesn’t wound you but in that moment, I forgot about you, Peter, for the first time in all these months I forgot about you, and sleepily and confusedly I tumbled from my bed and I rushed to the door to see who was knocking so loudly and I pulled the chain out of the loop and I opened the door and I stared out into the empty corridor, into the deep, heavy blackness of it, and all at once, Peter, I remembered.
Did you listen to me cry?
That was wrong of you, Peter.
You mustn’t ever do it again. It hurts me so much, to know that you might be so close to me, but that you would then hide from me – I already feel mad with grief, and you needn’t compound it.
I’m sorry I forgot you. Even for a moment, to have forgotten you, it feels like the most awful of crimes, but it was only a moment, and even having forgotten you for but a second, I still loved you so dearly: love of you, Peter, is my natural state, and it will be my natural state until the day I die.
But you mustn’t hurt me like this.
Not again.
Your beloved
* * *
Horrible, creeping shudders went through me as I sat beside the fire with that letter in my hand, and I think I sat there for quite a while, waiting for the shivers to pass, but whenever I thought they were almost done with, they’d start up again.
It was a sort of fucking…
I don’t know.
It was creepy is what it was. It scared me.
I had to open up the graveyard, though, so I put the letters in their lockbox, and I put them into my top drawer in the desk, and I locked the desk drawer to keep what had happened earlier from happening again, and then I picked up my keys and I walked out in the yard.
Before I stepped past the chapel wall, I braced myself, expecting to see the silhouette I’d seen the night previous standing on the path again, but I didn’t, and I thanked my lucky stars as I went to open the side gates.
An older woman who worked in the corner shop met me as I went to unlock the other gate, and she had a few questions about how she’d go about getting a grave plot, and she had other questions about the cemetery too – she wanted to know where the oldest graves were, and she was interested in the chapel itself, and even though I didn’t know too much, she was interested.
She used to take grave rubbings, she said, when she was a little girl.
I never even learned that woman’s name, and never spoke to her again – I don’t know if she’s dead by now, because she was only sixty or so when I met her, but I think she realised, one way or another, that I was shaken, and I think she talked to me for longer than she’d meant to.
I was very grateful, at the time.
It didn’t make me forget what I’d been reading, what had been happening to me, but it let me think about something else for a little while, and after she left, I went back to scrubbing the pews, and had them finished up.
I worked through paperwork after I broke for my lunch, and then, I picked up another letter. It was a little past five o’clock, and already beginning to go dark.
I’m sorry, my hands are shaking a bit badly as I write this now – it’s not from remembering, I think, it’s rereading the letters, transcribing them. I forgot how it felt to read them – they feel so real to me. Maybe it doesn’t come across on your screen, because it doesn’t on mine – maybe it’s holding the paper in my hand, smelling the tin and the old paper, or maybe it’s just that he wrote those letters, that he held them, that…
I can’t transcribe another just now.
I’ll write again soon.
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2020.11.18 22:52 GamerCarrot237 I ranked every movie I saw since June 3rd and here is the list.

The story behind this is simple. I sit in quarantine and I just think to myself, why not rank every movie I see till I get to 100. Today I have reached 100 movies that I either watched or rewatched (not including documentaries)
  1. Parasite
  2. The Hunchback Of Norte Dame
  3. Ratatouille
  4. The Lion King(original)
  5. Aladdin (original)
  6. Up
  7. Mad Max Fury Road
  8. King of Staten Island
  9. John Wick
  10. Ghostbusters
  11. A Nightmare before Christmas
  12. Avengers Endgame
  13. The little mermaid
  14. The Princess and the Frog
  15. Bride of Frankenstein
  16. The Martian
  17. Lilo and Stich
  18. The Jungle Book (Original)
  19. Fantastic Mr. Fox
  20. Avengers Infinity War
  21. Paranorman
  22. The Muppets Original Movie
  23. Mulan (original)
  24. Monsters Inc.
  25. Alice in Wonderland (original)
  26. Home Alone 2
  27. the Simpsons Movie
  28. Hercules
  29. Brave
  30. Star Wars A New Hope (pointless CGI version)
  31. Bill and Teds Bogus Journey
  32. Tangled
  33. Tarzan
  34. Christoper Robin
  35. Finding Nemo
  36. Gremlins
  37. Halloween (1978)
  38. Weird Science
  39. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
  40. Freaky Friday
  41. Borat
  42. Ace Ventura 2
  43. The Peanuts Movie
  44. The Muppets
  45. Jack
  46. Mrs. Doubtfire
  47. 101 Dalmatians (Original)
  48. Bruno
  49. Birds Of Prey
  50. Peter Pan (original)
  51. Bill and Ted Face the Music
  52. An American Pickle
  53. Impractical Jokers
  54. Meet the Robinsons
  55. X Men First Class
  56. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
  57. Jumanji (Original)
  58. Spies in Disguise
  59. Dracula (1931)
  60. Wreck-It Ralph
  61. Austin Powers Goldmember
  62. Captain America The First Avenger
  63. Family Guy Stevie Griffin the Untold Story
  64. Candice Against the Universe
  65. A Bugs Life
  66. Dora the Explorer Movie
  67. Frankenstein
  68. Rio
  69. Animal Crackers
  70. Lion King 1 1/2
  71. The Muppets Most Wanted
  72. Balls of Fury
  73. Captain Marvel
  74. Jumanji The Next Level
  75. Coneheads
  76. Spongebob On the Run
  77. Borat 2
  78. High Fidelity
  79. Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein
  80. Oliver and Company
  81. Guns Akira
  82. Over the Moon
  83. Pokemon 2000
  84. Alex Strangelove
  85. Mad Max (1978)
  86. Suicide Squad Extended Cut
  87. Gremlins 2
  88. Color out of space
  89. A trip to the moon (great for its time but doesn’t stand up)
  90. Aquaman
  91. Hubbie Halloween
  92. Robots
  93. Scoob
  94. Spy Kids
  95. American Pie Girls Rules
  96. Pokemon The First Movie
  97. Trolls world tour
  98. Blockers
  99. Quest For Camelot
  100. Date Movie
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2020.11.10 19:04 lolpolice88 Hard labour in paradise: An essay about Ōpōtiki’s migrant fruit pickers An essay by Catarina de Peters Leitão about the migrant fruit pickers who work every summer at Ōpōtiki

"Every summer Ōpōtiki simmers with opportunity like a pan of boiling water. Every year New Zealand’s kiwifruit growers produce around 149 million trays for export, and the Bay of Plenty is responsible for 80% of the crop. Three kiwifruit packing houses in town open up for the season.
Ōpōtiki is my home town, in a way. But there was a time when I couldn’t call it that: I moved with my family here when I was 15. Before that we lived in Lisbon. So it’s complicated for me to answer the question of where I really come from; it depends on what year you’re asking me about. My father is Portuguese; my mother is Te Whānau-ā-Apanui, from Te Kaha further along the coast on the East Cape. I couldn’t think of two stronger opposites.
For a long time after we arrived, I didn’t like it. In Lisbon I received consistently high marks for English, but here in brown-as Ōpōtiki my English sounded strict and formal, which didn’t help me fit in. I’d led a sheltered life in Portugal with almost no relatives, and attended a private school in a refurbished palace. Here I attended decile-one Ōpōtiki College and had loads of cuzzies. Rutaia was my bad-ass cousin whom many felt intimidated by. Everyone knew he was trouble and that connection made me untouchable at school. But nothing that happened in those days could make me love Ōpōtiki. When I left three years later to study film at Unitec in Auckland, I vowed I would never return.
In 2018 I’m back in Ōpōtiki – from Wellington, where I work in a call centre – for a summer holiday. It’s Mum’s first season working in the kiwifruit packing house. I warn her against it because I’ve heard it’s hard work and the pay isn’t good. Mum has done many jobs in her life, from working for my father’s security company in Portugal to admin, catering and teaching. The year has been a hard one for her, her only income from relief teaching a few days a week. My father’s retired, but he’s signed up for a second season at the packing house. Mum is adamant — the money will pay to refurbish the kitchen. "I can handle it," she tells me.
Town is bustling with new people wherever we go: at the supermarket, on the main drag, at Ju Bailey’s and the Masonic Hotel. People have travelled from around the country and overseas for the kiwifruit season: young European backpackers, Indian families, Tongans and Sāmoans. Kiwifruit season transforms the lives of locals too. Whatever your financial situation, you have the ability to make things better for the next few months at least. Couples worry less about bills, stay-at-home mothers break away from the monotonous rhythm of domestic life and high-schoolers work to put aside money for makeup, RTDs and beer. If it’s good enough for others, it’s good for Mum too.
There are several kiwifruit towns in the Bay of Plenty: Te Puke, Tauranga and Katikati are the best known. Mum’s packing house, on the edge of town in Ōpōtiki, attracts those who are not considered for better jobs elsewhere. Two thirds of them belong to racial minorities. A small number of young families who struggle in the cities drift to little Ōpōtiki too.
The beloved Bex's Hair Studio, Church Street, Ōpōtiki Mum works the unpopular night shift, on duty between 5.45pm and 4.15am.
"You should have taken the day shifts!" my father complains. "Too hard! Too much work they do!" My mother just tucks her hair into her bulbous factory white cap and says nothing. The choice of shift is so typically her. Mum takes the harder option and there is nothing anyone can do or say about it. She wants her shiny kitchen.
The only thing my father can cook is toast, so every evening I make dinner for us. I’m going through an Arab-Jewish phase, trying out recipes from Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem cookbook. My father tries everything, from brown lentils and deep-fried onions in our mejadra to sumac sprinkles and yogurt on broad-bean dip. Even the couscous and stuffed eggplants, though he doesn’t usually eat vegetables. When I go back to Wellington, Mum will leave food for his dinner.
Her knees and feet are sore by the time she sneaks into bed, not long before birds start singing in the dawn-blue garden.
In town it’s widely thought that packing workers are mostly Māori, but not many work on the night shift. I’m surprised when Mum tells me this. We were both dead convinced only Māori would bother doing this work. In the evenings, 80-90 packers work at Mum’s packing house: about 10 are Māori, 10 are Pākehā and the rest are Sāmoans, Tongans, Indians and young foreigners. Plenty are backpackers who will move on to the South Island after the season. It lasts only six months and the Sāmoan and Tongan packers are the ones who are the most eager to go home.
I’m curious and always ask Mum about work in the packhouse. She explains her job to me: she selects grade A fruit from six-metre refrigerated containers, to be boxed for overseas orders. Grade B goes to national supermarkets and local food distributors: New Zealanders do not get the best golden kiwifruit. On his shift, my father packs some of the special orders that go to China. My father is almost 80, but no one would guess that — he looks much younger.
Mum’s best friend at work is Grant, who she describes as a Pom. He and his wife have lived on Auckland’s North Shore for four years. Grant had no profession when he moved to New Zealand and can only find work in hospitality via an agency. In Auckland he earns $200–300 a week, which is like shifting wind to your bank account and expecting things to be fine.
Grant saw an ad about the kiwifruit season and decided to come down alone. He sleeps in his car by the Mōtū Trails and rents a shower and bathroom nearby for $60 a week. He could rent a bed as well for $100 a week, but instead he saves the rest to send back to his family.
"You think brown ones have problems, but white ones have them too," Mum tells me as we drive around town in the black truck. She keeps sharing her work stories with me. At the packing house during their mealtime in the staff cafeteria, Mum and Grant gossip talk about his bisexuality.
"In the past I used to be only with men, would you know?"
"For fuck’s sake, Grant," she blurts out, spitting rice. "You’re gonna put me off my kai."
"And then I took a turn, I got married. I had three children."
"For fuck’s sake, did you stop being gay?"
"No, I still liked men. I used to be gay all the time! Then I met this girl, a New Zealand girl. We got together and decided to have a baby."
"Fuck, you’re weird." They share her fruit salad and half-sleeve of Krispie’s biscuits for dessert. Mum’s baffled by Grant’s apparent nonchalance about his sexuality.
Mum says working in the packing house is slavery. "Not just the Coconuts," she says, "but white slavery and the rest of us. We are all slaves." The Tongan and Sāmoan governments have contracts with the New Zealand government to bring workers in seasonally, and the kiwifruit workers think the Tongan packers have it worst of all. Mum’s Tongan friends have a contract with their government — their king and the royal family. They are hedged by restrictions: the furthest they are allowed to travel is Whakatāne, an hour’s drive away at most, and even on their days off they need permission to go.
Motunui Island, Te Kaha The Tongan packers come with minders, too, employed by the Tongan government to watch them. The Tongans are not allowed to form new relationships or have sex with anyone: the minders will know or be informed by others. The minders are part of the workforce that travels from Tonga for the kiwifruit season. Mum tells me there are workers among them who are snitches, hired by the employer. The pack-house employers also keep the Tongan workers under the thumb with draconian contract clauses. Mum says the other workers sometimes gossip about the conditions under which the Tongan packers come here. They know the packing house flies them over to New Zealand and makes them pay back the fare, but no one is allowed to talk about how much it costs. Mum thinks it’s likely that the packing house is screwing them with the airfare. None of the workers will ever know because the Tongan packers, even if they are Mum’s friends, are not allowed to discuss it.
The packing house provides accommodation too, with four roommates to one bedroom. Two double bunks where there used to be one, a lean pillow on each mattress. An acquaintance of Mum’s, who used to run the administration at the packing house, confirmed that only two people are supposed to sleep in each room. The four-to-one bedrooms are a recent addition for which the workers are charged $117 each per week. Mum’s disgusted by this. She says they have to share the bunks, and some barely fit on the mattress. The springs creak whenever they turn over in the metal bunk beds.
On a break, a young Tongan woman called Ana complains to Mum about their room.
"It’s very small. Got no space. I sleep with Emeni, Huelo and my sister. Emeni snores all the time."
"Why don’t you tell her to turn over?"
"It doesn’t matter. If Emeni’s on her back or her side, she snores. Emeni should be in room of her own."
"Why don’t you ask them about putting some of you on split shifts? Say, two on days and two on nights. At least then you get a bit of space in the room."
"No, they won’t let us."
The employers pile Tongan workers from the same shift into the same room, so the women Mum knows are always together. One might think this promotes sisterhood, Traveling Pants-style, but Ana doesn’t think so. She really can’t sleep.
Mum brings Ana apples and oranges from home to console her.
"You’re my best fend, Ra! I tell everyone you’re my fend."
Mum knows she’s Ana’s best friend because she brings her kai. Since we were little, my sisters and I were taught by Mum to take an offering with us whenever we were invited somewhere. In 2006 when I was back in Lisbon I showed up at my ex-boyfriend Paulo’s apartment in Coimbra, breathless, a purple net of brown onions in hand. I’d spent the last of my money on a train ticket to see him, and the onions were all I’d managed to grab from my sister Tina’s pantry. Paulo wasn’t just any boyfriend: he looked like the director Xavier Dolan, with dark features and a gentle but noticeable belly. When I moved to New Zealand he used to call me every night, but after I’d been in Ōpōtiki a couple of months, Paulo and I decided to cut all contact for our own good. We missed each other too much, and despite all our efforts at communicating the situation was unsustainable. Later he had started dating a girl from his rural home town with hair like Zooey Deschanel, who’d always tried to impress him at the disco.
During that 2006 visit to Portugal, Paulo emailed me just before I was about to leave for home. He had heard I was in Lisbon and asked if he could call me. I didn’t reply. Instead I packed red lipstick, electric-blue tights and a small bottle of perfume, grabbed the bag of onions and set out. Four hours after I received his email, I called him from the Coimbra train station. He came to meet me and we walked up the cobbled street to his home. There I could smell the sweetness of vanilla in the air, the scent of another girl. Carrying my onions because of that little voice of my mother’s that I could hear: Always bring something with you, no matter where you go.
On one occasion, Mum brings a box of fruit for Ana to share with everyone. Ana thanks her.
"Nahu, Emeni, Huelo say you’re they fend! When you going to Auckland, Ra? Can you buy me a hoodie? A 2XL hoodie." Mum plans to get her a $9 one from Kmart. She thinks Ana probably means a polar fleece one but doesn’t know how else to describe it. She asks her cousins and acquaintances from old jobs in Ōpōtiki, "Do you fellas have any nice warm jackets you don’t want anymore? Give them to me to wash, and I’ll give them to the Cocos."
Ana has a wide frame, golden skin and scarlet lips. They call her Big Tip. She’s a young mother of two; her wee ones — four and six years old — are back in Tonga. She’ll be away from them for the whole season. Mum learns that the Tongan packers who are good and play the game properly may return for future seasons. A handful of them come year after year.
Back at the call centre in Wellington, I ring strangers in Australia and ask them to donate to various charities – for epilepsy, families of kids with cancer, a police youth club. Lots of my co-workers are let go because they don’t reach their targets. Many quit after a few days or a few weeks. If anyone lasts a year, they’ll be there forever.
I talk to Mum on FaceTime. She tells me the packing house has had a big meeting with the Tongan workers. No one else knows what’s happening and they’re dying to find out. The Tongans packers are tight-lipped — even Mum’s friends — and won’t say why it took place. Grant and Mum try to spot whether anyone is missing in the evening shift group. See who shagged who out of the group. They can’t figure out what’s happened. Perhaps the Tongan packers are frightened that if they step out of line, they will get sent back to the Islands.
Omaio Pa Road, Omaio Work slows down for a fortnight and the packers only work three or four days a week. As a result the Tongans are not earning much money to send back to their families, and they’re hungry. Groups of Tongan packers sit near Mum and Grant’s table, looking at their food while they’re eating. When Mum takes out an apple, Ana asks for a bite.
Ana’s request makes Mum feel whakamā. She thinks about the strength it must have taken to ask. Though Ana’s sisterhood say nothing, they’re all staring at Grant’s kai. After this Mum starts packing larger portions in her bag.
Mum tells me that those Tongan packers who do have food eat two-minute noodles. Mum hates seeing the noodles in the cafeteria. Why not make a pot of something more nutritious together, instead? Sometimes she and Grant finish their shift before the meal break, and everyone gets sent home. If Ana is fast enough to catch Mum, she asks her, "Ra, you want to have something at home, eh?"
"You want my dinner?" Mum offers. It’s un-Islander of her Tongan friend to ask her so bluntly for the food. Ana, though, is a smarty pants and a bit of a hustler. Mum likes that about her. None of the other Tongan packers would ask, but somehow Mum attracts smart-arses wherever she goes.
"Share it," Mum tells her. "Make sure you share it with the others then, Ana."
"The ladies say they love your vegetables."
Besides Mum’s leftovers, her Tongan friends and the others also eat canned mackerel in oil with boiled pumpkin and rice. Grant eats the canned mackerel too; he tells Mum that it’s the cheapest thing, $2 a can. Grant mixes the oily goo with curry and rice. Once or twice a week Mum brings enough kai for them both.
On his last night at work Grant tells Mum that all he has to eat is a cold omelette with mayonnaise. As usual, Mum’s packed too much food and offers him some of her fettucine.
The four friends in the Tongan Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants brought frozen fish from the Islands, but they were limited in the amount they could bring. Within the first fortnight they ran out.
"Costs a lot of money to eat fish here. We can’t eat fish here! Only fish in a can."
"Don’t worry," Mum tells them. "A lot of New Zealanders can’t afford to eat it either. Māori are like you fellas, only eat noodles." Mum offers her big freezer to her Tongan friends, if any of them come back next year. They’ll be able to store more of their fish. Hopefully next time it will last them for a couple of months.
My parents eat pan-fried tarakihi almost every day. They scrimp on other essentials to have this pleasure. This town — along with many others along the East Cape — is known for its abundance of fresh seafood all year round: mussels, kina, raw fish, snapper, cod, you name it. The locals here are loud and proud of it. I always look forward to coming back home and eating that fish. It doesn’t taste as fresh anywhere else. And I look forward to pulling the bread apart with my hands at Mum’s table, eating roasted rīwai, grease stains of pleasure on the table cloth at the end of the meal.
After I did my film degree, I had a stint as a freelance camera operator. When I returned to Ōpōtiki for the holidays, my mother offered to teach me how to drive. One evening I was practicing night-driving home from Ōhope, my mother in the passenger’s seat. Just before we entered town and got that beautiful glimpse of the beach, my mother thought I was veering into the other lane. She grabbed the wheel to correct my steering and told me to slow down: I pressed the accelerator by mistake and the car spun out of control. We ended up in a ditch. I fractured my spine and spent three weeks in various hospitals, and after that I stayed at home with my parents in Ōpōtiki, trying to figure out what to do next. Most of my recovery time was spent cooking.
On my return to Auckland I studied to become a pastry chef. For almost three years at the Langham Hotel I made cakes for high tea and the restaurant. The hours were long and odd: I started work at 4am and finished at 2pm. I would be walking to work while other people were still out at clubs on K Road. Though I don’t do this work anymore, I still bake for my parents – Portuguese custard tarts, and farófias, poached meringues that look like clouds of egg white with a custard sauce. My father said his mother used to make these for him.
The last time I saw Paulo, he fried the onions I brought with chopped garlic, tuna and passata. He poured some wine in the pan and boiled the spaghetti. The remaining red wine he divided between two mugs so we could share it.
At the call centre we have a half-hour break for lunch between four-hour shifts. People sit in the staff kitchen eating lunch from Tupperware containers, or two-minute pot noodles. Many of us say we’re saving up for a trip, but no one ever takes leave. No one ever goes anywhere.
My mother tells me that the newer packing line is used by the daytime workers and the older, shorter one in the evening shift. A deafening mix of 90s covers chosen by one of the Sāmoan packers blares from two big speakers, so loud the workers can barely hear each other speak. The Tongan and Sāmoan packers love to sing along to the old tunes. During the odd slower song, some get teary-eyed thinking of home.
Mum tries to chat to Emeni the Snorer while they are packing together on the line. Fold that box, careful to not get cut by the sharp corners and on to the next one! Ten seconds is all they have between packing this box and the next. Mum asks Emeni why she doesn’t go fishing on her days off. The beach is close by.
"We are not allowed to go fishing. In Tonga, ladies stay home. Ladies wash the clothes."
"But you’re in New Zealand! Can’t you do that if you’re not home?"
"No, Ra. Still Tongan lady."
Mum asks Ana too. Maybe she will dare to go fishing — she’s the youngest, after all. But Ana gives a similar reply. Her Tongan friends know they have to carry that aspect of Tongan culture wherever they go. All they can do is keep on working, keep going. Hide away in their difference.
Grant and Catarina's mum celebrate the end of season At their packhouse, the end of the season is celebrated with a huge barbecue for the staff. At least, that’s what Mum was told. On the six-metre-long packing lines where Mum and the others usually work they have placed rotisserie-cooked chickens, meat patties, sausages, curried egg salad, potato salad and coleslaw — all bought from the local supermarket.
"Pai kare!" she complains to Grant. "They didn’t even cook anything. Except for the fucking patties! Can you believe this?"
All the Tongan and Sāmoan packers, Indian families and backpackers are there. The Tongan Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants are dressed to the nines. The women all wear the same shade of lipstick, a brighter red than usual, and new pants in a slimming fit. Emeni wears a bright yellow hoodie. They tell her that Ana fell ill and has gone home.
Mum is glad to hear that. Things went sour between her and Ana in the last few weeks. Ana had told Mum how much she and the girls missed eating taro, their favourite food from back home. You couldn’t buy it on the coast. Mum happened to remember this when she was on a visit to Auckland. She bought six kilos of taro from the Avondale markets, and they weren’t cheap.
On her next shift back Mum gave Ana the big box of taro and told her to share it with the women in her room. In the following weeks Mum saw her eating the taro in the cafeteria, but only with her friend Huelo. That wasn’t fair — Mum had bought it for all of them. Ana never wore the hoodie Mum got her either.
For that final meal there’s fruit trifle made by the bosses: too-soggy sponge with fruit from cans and a custard that’s runny like soup. The most hideous dessert is a pineapple and mango cheesecake: loose biscuit crumbs topped with canned pineapples and whipped cream folded into fresh mangos. It's the most bizarre thing Mum has eaten, even in all her years of helping in the marae kitchen.
An older Tongan man in loose khaki shorts, white socks and jandals sits on a wooden crate by the soggy trifles, playing the ukulele. Grant tells Mum that he’s not going back to his wife. "I feel like being just gay again," he says, "for a while." They hug and say goodbye.
Mum decides to skip her shift. Stuff it. She zips back home in the car to my father and a night in a real bed. A new school has offered her more stable work, so she’ll be earning regular money.
I ask her if she’d work as a packer again and Mum says she would. The money from this season has gone on fixing up the bathroom. She still wants a new kitchen.
Catarina's essay is taken from the exceptional new anthology of New Zealand writing, Ko Aotearoa Tātou: We are New Zealand edited by Michelle Elvy, Paula Morris and James Norcliffe (Otago University Press, $40), available in bookstores nationwide.

Catarina De Peters Leitão

Catarina de Peters Leitãoe (Te Whānau-ā-Apanui) is a writer born and raised in Lisboa, currently living in Te Whanganui-a-Tara. She has a master's in creative writing from Victoria University and won the Letteri Family Scholarship for her essay collection in progress."
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2020.11.07 11:46 becca-rhubarb Sims 4 base game aspirations name game

I haven't posted a name game in a little while so I'm back with a bang and another very long game! As the title suggests, this time it's based on The Sims; each family is based on the base game aspirations and each person & pet has name prompts that correlate to the aspiration. I hope you enjoy!
Mine will be in the comments at some point...
(side note: please point out any mistakes. I did read through it but I may have missed something!)
Athletic aspiration: bodybuilder Surname: begins with A Parent one: First name is short and simple (basic trainer) & middle name is from a horror movie (exercise demon) Child one: First name is one that has always been in the top 100 (long lived) & middle name includes an F and a T (fit to a t) Pet: name of a muscle (bodybuilder)
Creativity aspirations: painter extraordinaire, musical genius, bestselling author Surname: begins with C Parent one: First name is a famous artist (fine artist) & middle name is a poet (poetic) Parent two: First name is one you like the sound of (harmonious) & middle name is a musical term (tone deaf) Child one: First name is a colour (painter extraordinaire) & middle name is a character in a book you love (novelest novelist) Child two: First name is an emotion (expressionistic) & middle name is woodwind instrument inspired (piper) Child three: First name is an author (bestselling author) & middle name related to your favourite singeband (musical genius) Child four: First name is from a country other than your own (fledge-linguist) & middle name means greatest (brushing with greatness) Pet one: Name is inspired by a branch of the arts (fine-tuned) Pet two: Name is inspired by your favourite word (competent wordsmith)
Deviance aspirations: public enemy, chief of mischief Surname: begins with D Grandparent: First name is a name of a fictional prankster (professional prankster) & middle name is a fictional villain (tormentor) Parent one: First name is the same of a famous dog (mostly harmless) & middle name is the same as a famous criminal (tormentor) Parent two: First name is a character on a crime TV show (criminal mind) & middle name is a name of your neighbousomeone you live close to (neighbourhood nuisance) Child one: First name is one you dislike (public enemy) & middle name is a famous magician (artful trickster) Child two: First name means intelligent (mastermind) & middle name is name that gives you a mischievous vibe (chief of mischief)
Family aspirations: successful lineage, big happy family Surname: End with a Y Parent one: First name is a name from your family (successful lineage) & middle name is the name of the person you trust the most (trusted mentor) Parent two: First name is a name you love but can’t/won’t use (vicarious) & middle name means protector (loving guardian) Child one: First name is a name you’d give to your child (readily a parent & middle name is similar to your own first name (caregiver) Child two: First name is the name of an entrepreneur (matriarch/patriarch) & middle name is from a fictional family (big happy family)
Food aspirations: master chef, master mixologist Surname: begins with F Sibling one: first name is inspired by an element (aluminium chef) & middle name is beverage related (beverage boss) Sibling two: First name is food inspired (culinary artist) & middle name is also a famous or fictional captain (captain cook) Sibling three: First name is also in the name of a cocktail (master mixologist) & middle name is also the name of a famous chef (master chef) Sibling four: First name includes an f and a c (fresh chef) & middle name is a soft sounding name (bar tenderfoot) Sibling five: First name is a fictional witch/wizard (potion master) & middle name is a supplier of electrical kitchen appliances (electric mixer)
Fortune aspirations: fabulously wealthy, mansion baron Surname: ends with E Parent one: First name is the name of someone on a banknote (going for not broke) & middle name is horticulture inspired (the great landscaper) Child one: First name is a high earning celebrity (fabulously wealthy) & middle name means sharp witted (shrewd) Child two: First name is a famous castle/manor (mansion baron) & middle name is a place in your local area (estate of the art) Child three: First name means careful (thrifty) & middle name is the name of a famous interior designer (house renovator) Grandchild one: First name is originally from the country whose language you’d like to learn (learning earning) & middle name is a name you associate with rich people (well off)
Knowledge aspirations: renaissance sim, nerd brain, computer whiz Surname: Begins with K Grandparent one: First name is related to a subject you liked at school (prudent student) & middle name is the name of someone you deem as knowledgeable (pantologist) Grandparent two: First name is the name of a famous scientist (rocket scientist) & middle name is inspired by a DIY tool (handy) Parent one: First name is from your favourite TV series (with the program) & middle name is somehow related to the brain (nerd brain) Child one: First name is inspired by technology (technically adept) & middle name is a version of Jack (Jack of some trades) Child two: First name means knowledgeable (erudite) & middle name is the name of a renaissance artist (renaissance sim) Child three: First name is the name of a teacheprofessor you had at school/college/uni (professorial) & middle name is related to computer science (computer whiz) Pet one: Name is a computer brand (computer geek) Pet two: Name of a technology brand (high tech)
Love aspirations: serial romantic, soulmate Surname: begins with L Parent one: First name means love (amore amateur) & middle name is one half of a famous couple (soulmate) Parent two: First name is related to an anniversary gift (marriage material) & middle name is the other half of a famous couple (soulmate) Child one: First name is a month of the year (up to date) & middle name is one of Zeus’ children (serial romantic) Child two: First name is similar to parent ones first name (love handler) & middle name is from a romance novel (romance juggler) Pet: Name is a contestant on any love related reality show (player) Pet: Named after a famous dog (companion)
Nature aspirations: freelance botanist, the curator, angling ace Surname: begins with N Parent one: First name is botanical (freelance botanist) & middle name is shape inspired (angling ace) Parent two: First name is a precious gemstone (treasure hunt) & middle name is water related (fish out of water) Child one (bio child of parent one): First name means calm/peaceful (angler’s tranquillity) & middle name is the name of a natural historian (naturalist) Child two (bio child of parent one): First name is a flower or plant (garden variety) & middle name is a famous forest (out and about) Child three (bio child of parent two): First name relates to nature colours (nature walker) & middle name means to care for (nature nurture) Child four (bio child of parent two): First name is a character in Peter Pan (hooked) & middle name is a noun (appraiser) Child five (bio child of both parents): First name is inspired by a famous museum (the curator) & middle name means unity (gather) Pet: Name is a fish (reel smart)
Popularity aspirations: joke star, party animal, friend of the world Surname: begins with P Parent one: First name is your favourite comedian (hilarious) & middle name is the name of someone you liked working with (funny businessman/woman) Parent two: First name is the name of a gameshow host (perfect host) & middle name is from Arthurian legend (Sir Gala Had) Child one: First name is from a comedy movie (joke star) & middle name means new (new in town) Child two: First name is the name of your best friend (super friend) & middle name is the name of your favourite person (beloved) Child three: First name is a character on Friends (friend of the world) & middle name is one you associate with someone funny (practical joker) Grandchild one: First name was on the top 21 the year you turned 21 (party animal) & middle name is one you really like (well liked) Grandchild two: First name means friend (friend of the world) & middle name is the name of someone whose company you enjoy being in (welcoming host) Pet: Name is a command in a different language (stand up start up)
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2020.11.06 19:15 DirtDisrespector "Oh you like JoJo? Name every JoJo character." (+stands)

Part 1

Jonathan Joestar
Will A. Zeppeli
Robert E. O. Speedwagon
Erina Pendleton
George Joestar I
Dio Brando
Wang Chan
Dario Brando
Kempo Fighter
Poco's Sister
Jack the Ripper
Mary Joestar
Will's Father
Elizabeth I
Mary Stuart
Aztec Chief
Mark Watkin
Jeff Back and Dan Hamar
The 77 Rings Challenge Winners
Father Styx
Dio Brando's Mother
Woman from Bar
Ring Announcer
Jonathan's Former Friends
Joestar Mansion Butler
George's Doctors
Ogre Street Criminals
Police Zombie
Speedwagon's Friend
Jack the Ripper's Date
Zombie Knights
Poco's Bullies
Oriental Doctor
Ceiling Zombies
Zombie Mother
Chimera Zombies
Poco's Dad
Executed Zombies
London Bartender
Coffin Transporters
Ship Zombies
Elizabeth's Mother

Part 2

Joseph Joestar
Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli
Lisa Lisa
Rudol von Stroheim
Erina Joestar
Smokey Brown
Suzi Q
Wired Beck
Mario Zeppeli
George Joestar II
Adolf Hitler
Straizo's Disciples
SPW Excavators
Coco Cola Seller
New York Police Officers
SPW Plane Hijackers
SPW Plane Pilot
Impatient Driver
Brass Knuckles Gangster
Bruto's Girlfriend
Female Reporter
Stroheim's Servants
Nazi Doctors
Stroheim's Prisoners
Courageous Mexican Child
Mexican Thugs
Vampire Prisoner
Nazi Gatekeepers
Santana's Body Host
Santana's Nazi Victims
SPW Researchers
Rome Hotel Waiter
Caesar's Date
Hypnotized Girl
Nazi Officer
Wamuu's Nazi Victims
Ripple Clan
Mark's Girlfriend
Joseph's Doctor
Nazi Spy
Puppy Saved By Kars
Drunk Drivers
Kars's Nazi Victims
Luxury Cat
Caesar's Siblings
Caesar's Distant Relative
Italian Hoodlum
Kars's Vampires
Skeleton Heel Stone Warriors
Bad Breath Vampire
Vampire Horses
Kars's Double
SPW Special Technology Fighting Team
Stroheim's Ultraviolet Army
Superior Officer Zombie
Kars's Squirrel
Pillar Men Clan
Funeral Directors
Hollywood Screenwriter
Japanese Tourist

Part 3

Jotaro Kujo
Muhammad Avdol
Noriaki Kakyoin
Jean Pierre Polnareff
Holy Kujo
Enya the Hag
Vanilla Ice
Hol Horse
Daniel J. D'Arby
Pet Shop
Telence T. D'Arby
Kenny G.
Gray Fly
Impostor Captain Tennille
Devo the Cursed
Rubber Soul
J. Geil
Steely Dan
Arabia Fats
Mannish Boy
Wilson Phillips
Sherry Polnareff
Sadao Kujo
Captain Tennille
Prince, Michael and Lionel
Caravan Serai
Moor Family
Christian Vander
Shozo Mayama
Chibi and Buchi
Dr. Elliot
Treasure Hunters
Japanese Police Officers
Jotaro's Groupies
School Nurse
Mr. and Mrs. Kakyoin
Speedwagon Foundation Sailors
Singapore Hotel Valet
Singapore Thief
Cable Car Tourists
Calcutta Waiter
Little Calcuttan Boy
Calcutta Drifter
Calcutta Beggars
Varanasi Doctor and Nurse
Cafe Marhaba Denizens
Karachi Jewelry Store Guards
Arab Cessna Pilot
Arab Villager Lady
Speedwagon Foundation Pilots
Japanese Manga Artist
Chaka's Father
Friends of Chaka's Father
Papyrus Seller
Four Mice
Young Anubis Wielder
Luxor Old Woman
D'Arby's Cat
Dealer Boy
Cairo Airport Punks
Cairo Informant
Dog-loving Boy
Speedwagon Foundation Doctors

Part 4

Josuke Higashikata
Okuyasu Nijimura
Koichi Hirose
Rohan Kishibe
Hayato Kawajiri
Reimi Sugimoto
Shigekiyo Yangu
Mikitaka Hazekura
Yukako Yamagishi
Yuya Fungami
Tamami Kobayashi
Toshikazu Hazamada
Tonio Trussardi
Aya Tsuji
Shizuka Joestar
Tomoko Higashikata
Ryohei Higashikata
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshihiro Kira
Keicho Nijimura
Akira Otoishi
Anjuro Katagiri
Ken Oyanagi
Toyohiro Kanedaichi
Terunosuke Miyamoto
Masazo Kinoto
Not Bug-Eaten
Shinobu Kawajiri
Nijimura's Father
Koichi Hirose's Mother
Ayana Hirose
Kosaku Kawajiri
Josuke's Savior
Lady Murakami
Ghost Alley's Residents
Takashi and Kazuko Sugimoto
Ichiro Morishita
Yuya's Fangirls
Minako Okura
Satoru Nakae
Hiroshi Yoshimura
Kai Harada
Rika Tachikawa
Masaya Yoshizawa
Josuke's Groupies
Nijimura's Mother
Mr. Hirose
Class President
Speedwagon Foundation Agent
Speedwagon Foundation Ship Captain
Old Monk
Kira's Coworkers
Centipede Shoes Store Owner
Kawajiri Family Cat
Morioh Tourist
Mikitaka's Mother
Rude Nurse
Rio's Neighbor

Part 5

Giorno Giovanna

Bruno Bucciarati
Leone Abbacchio
Guido Mista
Narancia Ghirga
Pannacotta Fugo
Trish Una
Coco Jumbo
Vinegar Doppio
Mario Zucchero
Risotto Nero
Sorbet and Gelato
Donatella Una
Man X
Paolo Bucciarati
Abbacchio's Partner
Diavolo's Mother
Antonio Rossi
Mrs. Menini
Mela Ghirga
Monica Ultello
Airport Security
Giorno's Admirers
Giorno's Mother
Giorno's Stepfather
Female Prison Officer
Old Janitor
Truck Driver
Narancia's Father
Narancia's 'Friends'Elderly Victim
Blackmailing Criminal
Woman Saved By Mista
Thugs Killed By Mista
Bruno's Mother
Drug Dealers
Copy of Coco Jumbo
Venetian Suit Man
Hotel Maid
Bug-Catching Boy
Sardinian Fortune Teller
Sardinian Taxi Driver
Soccer Kids
Natural Resources Workers
The Arrows' Creator
Diavolo's Foster Father
Victims of SCR
Flower Shop Owner
Scolippi's Girlfriend
Female Tourists
Unlicensed Taxi Driver
Yacht Renter
Assassination Target
Assassinated Woman
Fugo's Parents
Shady Engineer

Part 6

Jolyne Cujoh
Ermes Costello
Emporio Alnino
Foo Fighters
Narciso Anasui
Weather Report
Enrico Pucci
Donatello Versus
The Green Baby
Johngalli A.
Sports Maxx
Miuccia Miuller
Thunder McQueen
Lang Rangler
Viviano Westwood
D an G
Romeo Jisso
Perla Pucci
Gloria Costello
Savage Garden
Sonny Likir
Ron the Viper
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Astro Boy, Mazinger Z and Tetsujin 28-go
Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf
Kenshiro and Raoh
Mother Goat and Seven Young Goats
Prince Charming
Vincent van Gogh
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
Put Back Hero
Sergeant McCoy
Wes Bluemarine
MIH Bystanders
'Tom Cruise'
Jolyne and Ermes' Co-Prisoner
Jolyne's Mother
Jolyne's Lawyer
Judge in Jolyne's Trial
Strip Search Staff
Prison Doctor
Prison Hairdresser
Female Ward Security Staff
Blonde Bully
Bullied Prisoner
Prison Visit Guard
Search Party Guard
Male Prisoners Killed by Foo Fighters
Female Prisoners Killed by Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters' Would-be Bully
Courtyard Guard
Surveillance Technician
Prison Backyard Guard N#1
Prison Backyard Guard N#2
Prostitute Prisoner
Maximum Security Ward Prisoners
Anasui's Former Girlfriend
Little Prisoner
Speedwagon Foundation Doctors #2
Swamp Searching Party
Bohemian Rhapsody Victims
Versus's Family
Judge In Versus's Trial
Juvenile Detention Inmate
Racist Detective
Nice Tourist
MIH Victims
Alternate Jolyne
Alternate Jotaro

Part 7

Johnny Joestar
Gyro Zeppeli
Lucy Steel
Steven Steel
Hot Pants
Mountain Tim
Diego Brando
Norisuke Higashikata I
Funny Valentine
Pork Pie Hat Kid
Dr. Ferdinand
Ringo Roadagain
Eleven Men
Mike O.
Magent Magent
Axl RO
Alternate Diego Brando
Benjamin Boomboom
Andre Boomboom
L.A. Boomboom
Mrs. Robinson
Sugar Mountain
Scarlet Valentine
Gregorio Zeppeli
George Joestar I (Steel Ball Run)
Nicholas Joestar
Diego Brando's Mother
Captain Valentine
Urmd Avdul
Dot Han
Baron Roocatugo
Mark Becker
David Hagen
Paul Lukather
Dixie Chicken
Zenyatta Mondatta
Caravan Serai (SBR)
Baba Yaga
Sloop John B
Billy White
Fritz von Stroheim
Mack the Knife
Rotters Club
Tarkus (SBR)
Georgie Porgie
Dario (SBR)
Anne Joestar
Danny (Mouse)
Adam Pendleton
Silas and Mary Pendleton
Alice Pendleton
Pendleton Children
Sandman's Sister
Steel Ball Run Staff
Pocoloco's Fortune Teller
Gyro's Mother
Gyro's Siblings
Neapolitan Noble
Beautiful Prisoner
President's Aides
Diego's Wife
Farm Worker
Ringo's Father
Ringo's Mother
Ringo's Sisters
Potato Killer
Gyro's Hospital Patient
Milwaukee Gangsters
Wekapipo's Younger Sister
Wekapipo's Brother-in-law
Hot Pants' Brother
Shooting Witnesses
Coach Driver
Railroad Worker
Victims of Love Train
Funny's Father
Diego's Fans
Slow Dancer
Silver Bullet
Gets Up
Ghost Rider in the Sky
Hey! Ya!
Foxy Lady
Little Wing
Crosstown Traffic
El Condor Pasa
Europe Express
Ramblin' Man
Moon Flower
Nut Rocker
Country Grammar
Catch a Wave
Love Unlimited
Black Rose

Part 8

Josuke Higashikata (JoJolion)
Yasuho Hirose
Rai Mamezuku
Norisuke Higashikata IV
Jobin Higashikata
Mitsuba Higashikata
Tsurugi Higashikata
Joshu Higashikata
Hato Higashikata
Daiya Higashikata
Kaato Higashikata
Kyo Nijimura
Yoshikage Kira (JoJolion)
Josefumi Kujo
Karera Sakunami
Holy Joestar-Kira
Tamaki Damo
Yotsuyu Yagiyama
Aisho Dainenjiyama
A. Phex Brothers
Satoru Akefu
Urban Guerrilla
Doremifasolati Do
Poor Tom
Wu Tomoki
Dododo De Dadada
Ojiro Sasame
Maako Kitani
Suzuyo Hirose
Hair Clip
Kiyomi Kujo
Rina Higashikata
George Joestar II (JoJolion)
Josuke (Dog)
Elizabeth Joestar (JoJolion)
Joseph Joestar (JoJolion)
Suzi Q (JoJolion)
Yoshiteru Kira
Norisuke Higashikata II
Norisuke Higashikata III
Tomoko Higashikata (JoJolion)
Sadafumi Kujo
Atsunori Iwakiri
Zaihei Nigatake
Rena Nanami
Hospital Security Guard
SBR Hat Shop Owner
Kidnapped Girl
The Man from Josuke's Memories
Ojiro's Friend
Johnny's Daughter
Oblivious Grandmother
Crying Little Boy
Hospital Taxi Driver
Extortive Mother and Child
Shakedown Road Veteran
Three Drug Dealer Thugs
Carrier Girl
Shakedown Road Cops
Mysterious Baby
The Old Man in the Wheelchair
Aisho's Girlfriend
Yakitori Shop Owner
Bald Salaryman
Morioh Police Officers
Bar Owner
Milagro Man's User
Cab Driver #2
Courier Boy
Mature Woman
Female Delinquent
Bicycle Boy
Cab Driver #3
Boy-scout Bully
Yasuho's Dad
Angry Patient
Woman in bed
Maako's Daughter
Bus Stop Murderer
Rock Human Mother
Mamezuku's Father
Mamezuku's Mother


Jolyne Cujoh (GUCCI)
Minoru Kaigamori
Kyoka Izumi
Nanase Kishibe
Rohan Kishibe's Grandmother
Naoko Osato
Gunpei Kamafusa
Mai Katahira
Mao Katahira
Yoma Hashimoto
Mika Hayamura
Mochizuki Family
Moon Rabbit
Masago Ayashi
Dolce and His Master
Masago Ayashi
Bruno Bucciarati (GUCCI)
Leone Abbacchio (GUCCI)
Polpo (GUCCI)
Nizaemon Yamamura
Female Monk
Leather Goods Artisan
Frida Giannini
Wanted Man
Asian Man
Corn Market Workers
Obese Man
Model Scout
Fitness Trainer
Deliveryman Sawaki
Gym Patron
Gym Manager

Light Novels

The Scribe Ani
Takuma Hasumi
Chiho Futaba
Teruhiko Futaba
Akari Hirai
Hanae Orikasa
Crybaby Boy
Sogliola Lopez
Sheila E
Cannolo Murolo
Massimo Volpe
Vladimir Kocaqi
Vittorio Cataldi
Angelica Attanasio
Gianluca Pericolo
George Joestar II (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Lisa Lisa (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Tsukumojuku Kato
Penelope de la Rosa
Erina Joestar (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Steven Motorize
John Moore-Brabazon
Kenton Motorize
Darlington Motorize
Jonathan Joestar (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Joseph Joestar (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Straizo (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Ngapoi Ngawang Tonpetty (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Robert E. O. Speedwagon (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Dio Brando (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Antonio Torres
William Cardinal
Alejandro Torres
Maria Torres
Javier Cortes
Funny Valentine (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Messina (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Jim Graham
Ben Motorize
Julio Gonzales
Edvard Noriega
Charles Rolls
Scarlet Valentine (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Mr. Fernandes (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
George Joestar I (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Danny (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Will Anthonio Zeppeli (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Poco (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Poco's Sister (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe)
Leonora Cortes
Juan Rovira Cortes
Graham Pendleton
Harriet Motorize
Frank Dimarest
Peter Fraser
Royal Aero Club Members
Vincent Lecoeur
Kars (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe: Future Timeline)
Jotaro Kujo (Jorge Joestar 1st Universe: Future Timeline)
Funny Valentine (Jorge Joestar 2nd Universe)
Lucy Steel (Jorge Joestar 2nd Universe)
Alternate Diego Brando (Jorge Joestar 2nd Universe)
Jorge Joestar (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Narancia Ghirga (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Rohan Kishibe (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Reimi Sugimoto (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Koji Hirose
Muryotaisu Nijimura
Fukashigi Nijimura
Bruno Bucciarati (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Leone Abbacchio (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Guido Mista (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Pannacotta Fugo (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Pocoloco Tripleseven (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Goyathlay Soundman (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Trish Una (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Vinegar Doppio (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Shigekiyo Yangu (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Aya Tsuji (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Enrico Pucci (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Yoshikage Kira (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Funny Valentine (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Funnier Valentine
The Funniest Valentine
Dolcio Cioccolata (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Secco Rottario (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Jonathan Joestar (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Dio Brando (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Jonda Joestar (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Jodoh Joestar (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Joseph Joestar (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
George Joestar I (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Joeko Joestar
Denta Shishimaru
Kosaku Kawajiri (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Shinobu Kawajiri (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Hayato Kawajiri (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Chien Kunimido
Prosciutto Cappano (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Pesci (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Ghiaccio (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Melone (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Johnny Joestar (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Hisao and Yohei
Guruguru Majin
Nail Peeler
Shirai Masami
Serika/Satoshi/Seshiru Kato
Namahage Detective
Takumi Kumoi
Sachiari Hakkyoku
Nekoneko Nyan Nyan Nyan
Chomaru Bariya & Others
Daibakusho Curry & Runbaba 12
Yukako Yamagishi (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Wilhelm Beer & Johann Mädler
Maria Urias Zeppeli
Giorno Giovanna (Jorge Joestar Unknown Universe)
Diavolo (Jorge Joestar Unknown Universe)


Stand User
Old Man Stand User
Heaven Ascension DIO
Dija Maker


Part 3

Star Platinum
Magician's Red
Hermit Purple
Hierophant Green
Silver Chariot
The Fool
The World
Tower of Gray
Dark Blue Moon
Ebony Devil
Yellow Temperance
Hanged Man
Wheel of Fortune
Death Thirteen
High Priestess
Tenore Sax
Holy's Stand
Joestar Stand

Part 4

Crazy Diamond
The Hand
Heaven's Door
Love Deluxe
Killer Queen
Sheer Heart Attack
Bites the Dust
Aqua Necklace
Bad Company
Red Hot Chili Pepper
The Lock
Pearl Jam
Achtung Baby
Atom Heart Father
Boy II Man
Earth Wind and Fire
Highway Star
Stray Cat
Super Fly
Cheap Trick
Nijimura's Father's Stand

Part 5

Gold Experience
Sticky Fingers
Moody Blues
Sex Pistols
Purple Haze
Spice Girl
Chariot Requiem
Gold Experience Requiem
King Crimson
Black Sabbath
Soft Machine
Kraft Work
Little Feet
Man in the Mirror
Beach Boy
The Grateful Dead
Baby Face
White Album
Talking Head
Notorious B.I.G
Green Day
Rolling Stones
Sorbet & Gelato's Stands
Resource Worker's Stand

Part 6

Stone Free
Burning Down the House
Foo Fighters
Diver Down
Weather Report
Made in Heaven
Goo Goo Dolls
Manhattan Transfer
Highway to Hell
Marilyn Manson
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Limp Bizkit
Planet Waves (FKA Earth, Wind, and Fire)
Dragon's Dream
Yo-Yo Ma
Green, Green Grass of Home
Jail House Lock
Bohemian Rhapsody
Sky High
Under World
Boiling Water Stand
Emporio's Mother's Stand
Stand Collection

Part 7

Ball Breaker
Oh! Lonesome Me
Scary Monsters
Cream Starter
Ticket to Ride
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
D4C Love Train
In a Silent Way
Hey Ya!
Tomb of the Boom 1 2 3
Boku no Rhythm wo Kiitekure
Catch the Rainbow
Sugar Mountain
Tatoo You!
Tubular Bells
20th Century Boy
Civil War
Chocolate Disco
Emerald Searcher's Stand

Part 8

Soft & Wet
Paisley Park
Nut King Call
Paper Moon King
King Nothing
Speed King
Killer Queen (JoJolion)
Fun Fun Fun
California King Bed
Born This Way (FKA Going Underground)
Les Feuilles
I Am a Rock
Doobie Wah!
Love Love Deluxe
Schott Key No.1
Schott Key No.2
Vitamin C
Walking Heart
Milagro Man
Blue Hawaii
Doggy Style
Brain Storm
Ozon Baby
Doctor Wu
Awaking III Leaves
Wonder of U
Kaato's Stand

Light Novels

Dark Mirage
Satanic Coupler
The Book
Memory of Jet
The Cure
Public Image Limited
Joy Division
Purple Haze Distortion
Voodoo Child
All Along Watchtower
Manic Depression
Rainy Day Dream Away
Dolly Dagger
Night Bird Flying
Heaven's Door (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Grand Blue
Blue Thunder
Killer Queen (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
The Passion
Cube House
Arrow Cross House
The Iron Ladies
The World (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Gold Experience (Jorge Joestar Unknown Universe)
Gold Experience Requiem (Jorge Joestar Unknown Universe)
King Crimson (Jorge Joestar Unknown Universe)
Whitesnake (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
C-Moon (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Made in Heaven (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Jorge Joestar 37th Universe)
Rear Window
Singing in the Rain
Stray Dog
Right Stuff
Evil Dead
Fugo's Stand
Doppio's Stand
The World Ultimate
Ultimate D4CU-Boat Ultimate
Whitesnake Ultimate
C-Moon Ultimate Requiem
Made in Heaven Ultimate Requiem
Dream Manipulation
Dune Ultimate
The Trinity


Stand User's Stand
Strange Relation
Gucci Bag Stand
Remote Romance
The World Over Heaven
House of Holy
The Shelter
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2020.11.04 16:19 CHIME2020 XNTX dating XNFX does it work?

I'm a INTJ Male mid-20's from London, I've dated each intuitive feeler type multiple times and haven't had much success. I find INFPs are carefree hippies and flakey hypocrites. ENFJs are optimistic yet quick to discriminate once they hear something they don't like. INFJs are cool but inneffectual and sometimes illusive. ENFPs are like dogs off a leash, Peter Pans and Emotional tourists, they say we're the perfect match but I don't see the appeal😕. Does anybody agree/disagree? Dating advice would be great 👌
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2020.11.02 05:34 LegoMyth [SALE][USA] GIANT Moving Sale -- Bundle & Make An Offer! High End, Drugstore, Full Size, Samples, and FWP Gifts!

UPDATE: A lot of people are flaking like crazy and I get it. But just so you're all aware, if this isn't sold in the next week or so it's all going in the trash.
I am leaving the US forever in two weeks, and I can only take two suitcases with me! I need all of my unused/swatched makeup to go ASAP so that my partner doesn't have to move it once I leave. Everything available for sale is either completely unopened, or within its expiration date after swatching-- And everything that has been swatched is able to be sanitized. Swatched items are denoted with an asterisk (*) following the item description.
-Shipping will be minimum $4, but can increase based on weight and distance. I have a ton of smallish clamshell shipping boxes that usually run up to $10 packed to the brim (though if you do like, really heavy glass container items it may be more).
-$10 minimum before shipping
-Payment is through Paypal G&S only. I cover fees.
-Smoke-free home. I have a cat but she can't reach my makeup.
-Covid19/Sanitization: No one in my household has had symptoms and we are diligent about health and safety measures. Also, I have not touched any of this makeup since before quarantine (except to take photos). I haven't sanitized the actual swatched makeup, but I'm not selling anything swatched that is unable to be sanitized. (Only VERY FEW items are swatched-- the vast majority is brand new and unusued)


  1. Betty Boop x Ipsy "That's So Betty" Limited Release Eyeshadow Palette (Verification)
  2. theBalm Cosmetics "What's The Tea?" Eyeshadow Palette (Verification)
  3. Tetris x Ipsy "Game On" Limited Release Eyeshadow Palette (Verification)
  4. Laura Sanchez "Moods" Eyeshadow Palette (Verification)
  5. Wander Beauty Wanderess "Seascape" Eyeshadow Palette (Verification)
  6. theBalm Cosmetics "In theBalm of Your Hand Greatest Hits Vol. 2" Combined Face Palette (Verification)
  7. Ittse Build Your Own Magnetic Palette (with 4 eyeshadow shades) (Verification)
  8. Nomad x Ipsy "Berlin Underground" Limited Release Eyeshadow Palette (Verification)
  9. Seraphine Botanicals "Happy Hibiscus" Blush Palette (Verification)
  10. OFRA Madison Miller "Miller Squad" Blush & Highlighter Midi Palette (Verification)
  11. Lovecraft Beauty Bronzer Palette (Verification)


-Single Pan Pressed Eyeshadows (Verification)
  1. Space Case Cosmetics in "No Reception"
  2. Space Case Cosmetics in "Intense Stargasm"
  3. doucce Magnetic Pan (color name unknown)
  4. IBY Beauty Lush Eyeshadow Sample in "Get Soaked"
  5. Blossom Co Eyeshadow Sample in "Dusty Miller"
  6. Suva Beauty Eyeshadow in "Turmeric"
  7. Nomad Cosmetics Intense Eyeshadow Sample in "Nordic Lights"

-Single Loose Eyeshadows (Verification)
  1. No. Leni Loose Pigment in "Byron Bay"
  2. bareMinerals Loose Eyecolor in "wild flower"
  3. bareMinerals Loose Eyecolor in "true gold"
  4. naked cosmetics Eyecolor in "Heavy Metal #04"
  5. Shiro Cosmetics loose pigment in "Climbing Chaos" *
  6. Shiro Cosmetics loose pigment in "The Fourth Be With You" *
  7. Shiro Cosmetics loose pigment in "Play Red Rover with the Fence" *
  8. Shiro Cosmetics loose pigment in "Drink a Bucket of Kool-Aid with a Pool Noodle" *

-False Lashes (Verification)
  1. e.l.f. Luxe Lash Kit in "Winged & Polished"
  2. ModelRock Lashes Bulk Pick n' Mix #207

-Eyeliner & Mascara (Verification)
  1. Kaleido Cosmetics Obsidian Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
  2. Lord & Berry Flash Purple Eye Pencil Sample *
  3. SUVA Beauty Hydra Liner Dry Cake Eyeliner in "Grease" (Matte black)
  4. Il Makiage High Volume & Intense Curl Mascara in "Icon" (Black)
  5. benefit They're Real! Beyond Mascara sample
  6. doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara (Black)
  7. benefit Roller Lash Super Curling & Lifting Mascara sample (Black)
  8. Lancome Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base (White)


-Lip Glosses (Verification)
  1. Hard Candy Fierce Effects daring lip gloss in "Adrenaline"
  2. Hard Candy Fierce Effects daring lip gloss in "Plum Diva"
  3. Hard Candy Fierce Effects daring lip gloss in "Under World"
  4. Betty Boop x Ipsy Limited Release Lip Gloss (no color name)
  5. Neutrogena Hydro Boost hydrating lip shine in "Radiant Rose"
  6. Laura Geller nude kisses Lip Hugging Lip Gloss in "Coastal"
  7. Tetris x Ipsy Lip Gloss in "Tetrimino"
  8. Tetris x Ipsy Lip Gloss in "Matrix"
  9. Belle en Argent Lip Luire Gloss in "I Love That Car"

-Lip Balms & Pencils (Verification)
  1. Tetris x Ipsy Limited Release Lip Balm in "M4d Sk1llz" *
  2. Tetris x Ipsy Limited Release Lip Balm in "n00b"
  3. Tetris x Ipsy Limited Release Lip Balm in "l33t"
  4. Hola Neon Tinted Lip Balm in "Call Me"
  5. TreStique Matte Color + Shiny Balm Lip Crayon in "Belize Bordeaux"
  6. Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon in "Glace"
  7. NYX Suede Matte Lip Liner in "Little Denim Dress"
  8. NYX Suede Matte Lip Liner in "Jet Set"
  9. Lord & Berry Maximatte Crayon Lipstick in "Here-and-Now"

-Lipsticks (Verification)
  1. Finding Ferdinand lip stick in "Au Naturel"
  2. Adesse New York All Day Lip Creme in "Beverly Blvd."
  3. M.A.C Cremesheen Lipstick in Hang-Up
  4. Belle En Argent Auteur Creme Lip Color in "Click Your Heels"
  5. Belle En Argent Auteur Creme Lip Color in "Smoking On Screen"
  6. Illamasqua Antimatter Lipstick in "Solar"
  7. Marc Jacobs Lip Creme Sample in "Slow Burn"
  8. Morphe Mega Matte Lipstick in "Morphe"
  9. Nature's Cartel Lipstick in "90s Nostalgia"
  10. Bobbi Borwn Lip Color in "Sandwash Pink"

-Liquid Lipsticks (Verification)
  1. Too Faced Melted Matte Long Wear Lipstick in "Queen B"
  2. tarte tarteist lip paint in "rose"

-Lip Scrubs (Verification)
  1. Whish Vanilla Lip Scrub
  2. Kismet Buff Sugar Lip Scrub


-Bronzers (Verification)
  1. GIGI Gorgeous The Sick Sculpt Bronzer Duo in "Turnt + Extra"
  2. Sugar Contour De Force Mini Bronzer in "02 Woody Wonder"
  3. bareMinerals Face Color in "Tropical Radiance"
  4. bareMinerals All-Over Face Color in "A Little Sun"

-Highlighters (Verification)
  1. The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream
  2. benefit Sun Beam golden bronze complexion highlighter
  3. Joli Cosmetics Spektra Stick
  4. bareMinerals glimmer in "in the buff"
  5. Nomad Cosmetics Illuminated Highlighting Powder in "Midnight Sun"
  6. Mica Beauty Cosmetics Shimmer Powder in "Earth"
  7. Space Case Cosmetics Highlighter in "Seen from Space 1C"
  8. Space Case Cosmetics Highlighter in "Seen from Space 1B"

-Blushes (Verification)
  1. OFRA Cosmetics Madison Miller Blush in "Ollie Need is Love"
  2. Mineral Hygenics Blush in "Rosy Raisin"
  3. tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Deluxe Sample in "quirky"
  4. tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Sample in "shimma & shake"

-Foundations & Concealers (Verification)
  1. TreStique Mini Concealer Crayon in "Porcelain" *
  2. Yensa BC Foundation in "Fair Cool"
  3. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation in "Y225"

-Translucent Powders (Verification)
  1. KVD Lock-It Translucent Setting Powder Sample
  2. Laura Mercier Translucent Powder Sample
  3. Ciate London Extraordinary Translucent Powder


-Individual Brushes (Verification)
  1. Complex Culture Press & Set Bronzer Brush
  2. Complex Culture All-Over Highlight Brush
  3. GIGI Gorgeous The Gorgeous Contour Brush
  4. Crown Double-ended Pro Chisel Fluff / Precision Crease Brush
  5. Beau Gachis Concealer Brush
  6. Luxie #237 Blending Brush
  7. F.A.R.A.H #218M Contour Brush
  8. Vasanti Concealer Buffer Brush
  9. slmissglam Tapered Face Brush

-F.A.R.A.H 3-Piece Brush Set (Verification)
**This is a set and will not be split**
  1. 40FM Stippling Brush
  2. 20FF Straight
  3. 218 Cheeky End


-Masks, Body, and Serums (Verification)
  1. Avene Soothing Moisture Mask for Sensitive Skin
  2. Apto Pomegranate Face Mask for All Skin Types
  3. Kandee Johnson x Purlisse Butter Me Orange Creamsicle Body Butter
  4. Purlisse Blue Lotus Brightening Serum
  5. Purlisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Eye Adore Serum

-Cleansers & Moisturizers (Verification)
  1. Paris Hilton ProD.N.A. Dual-Action Cleansing Gel
  2. Murad Hydration AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
  3. Goldfaden MD Doctor's Scrub Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator
  4. Sunday Riley C.E.O. Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream Moisturizer
  5. Face Hero Face Oil


Tarte Stay Spray Setting Spray (Verification)

-Gifts With Purchase (Makeup) (Verification)
  1. Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in "Gladiolus"
  2. Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm & Agave Sugar Lip Scrub sample set
  3. M.A.C Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation Sample in "NC30"
  4. Wander Beauty Wanderess Glow Sample in "After Hours"
  5. Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo Sample in "Naturally Nude"
  6. theBalm Nude Beach Vol. 3 Eyeshadow Sample in "Brave"
  7. Moods by Laura Sanchez Eyeshadow Sample in "[hair flip emoji]"

-Gifts with Purchase (Shiro Cosmetics Samples) (Verification)
  1. Shiro Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow Pigment in "Burdened with Glorious Purpose"
  2. Shiro Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow Pigment in "Gift of Mercy"
  3. Shiro Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow Pigment in "When the Thrush Knocks"

-Gifts with Purchase (Single Use Masks) (Verification)
  1. KNC Beauty All-Natural Retinol Infused Eye Mask
  2. Farmacy Brightening Coconut Gel Sheet Mask with Collagen
  3. Farmacy Hydrating Coconut Gel Sheet Mask with Hyaluronic Acid
  4. Miss Spa Hydrate Sheet Mask
  5. KNC Beauty All-Natural Retinol Infused Eye Mask
  6. Wilma Schumann Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads
  7. Soo Ae Purifying Brightening Peeling Gel
  8. Innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Mask

-Gifts with Purchase (Skincare Samples) (Verification)
  1. Air Repair Super Hydrating Eye Cream
  2. Murad Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream
  3. Arrow Revitalize Under Eye Brightening Serum
  4. Vasanti Eye Wonder 2.0 Super Powered Eye Cream
  5. Skyn Iceland Brightening Eye Serum
  6. Mint Pear C Your Youth Vitamin C Serum
  7. Aromatica Rose Absolute First Serum
  8. Peter Thomas Roth Potent-C Bright & Plump Moisturizer
  9. it Cosmetics Confidence in a Gel Lotion Moisturizer
  10. Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture

-Gifts with Purchase (Skincare Samples pt 2) (Verification)
  1. Sunday Riley Luna Retinol Sleeping Night Oil
  2. Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil
  3. Marcelle City Tinted Cream 25 FPS in "Fair"
  4. Bioderma Ultra-Nourishing Anti-irritation Shower Oil
  5. Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Moisture Cleansing Foam
  6. Ipkn Moist & Firm SPF 45 BB Cream in Light-Medium
  7. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hyaluronic Acid Primer for Sensitive Skin
  8. Garnier Skin Renew SPF 20 Sunscreen & BB Cream for Combination to Oily Skin in Light/Medium

-Gifts with Purchase (Fragrance & Body Care Samples) (Verification)
  1. Juliette has a gun fragrance in "Not A Perfume"
  2. Juara Candlenut Body Creme
  3. Cake Beauty Milk Made Indulgent Body Milk Cream
  4. Delectable Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream in "iced gingerbread"
  5. Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer (for legs) in "Fair to Medium"
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2020.11.01 04:25 Chespin907 My boyfriend and I went on a Halloween date as Peter and Wendy from Peter Pan (my favorite movie)! It was a ton of fun and even Jack the czar of Halloween approved. The lighting paired with Palm trees really sold the whole Never Land vibe!

My boyfriend and I went on a Halloween date as Peter and Wendy from Peter Pan (my favorite movie)! It was a ton of fun and even Jack the czar of Halloween approved. The lighting paired with Palm trees really sold the whole Never Land vibe! submitted by Chespin907 to AnimalCrossing [link] [comments]

2020.10.31 09:45 PaulsRedditUsername The Story of My One Attempt at Halloween Cosplay (and why I may never try it again)

My wife has a friend, Susan, who throws a big Halloween bash every year. She spends months beforehand decorating and preparing food and drinks and turning her entire, large, home into a haunted house. Susan is married to an auto executive with a big company, so she has the time and money to spend on decorations. Halloween is her favorite holiday and she goes all-out. It is really a sight to see. It is always a costume party, everyone is expected to dress up for the occasion, and a prize is given to the best costume of the night.
This all happened around the time that the Lord of the Rings movies came out. A new one came out every year, they won a bunch of awards, and took over the world for a while. My wife and I had seen the films, and--like everyone else--we were big fans. With Susan's famous Halloween party looming on the horizon, my wife and I decided to dress up as Aragorn and Arwen and really, really do the costumes right. We were inspired by the numerous examples of cosplay we had seen online of various characters, and admired the amount of work and attention to detail, so, just this once, we decided to take a few weeks and put our best efforts into our costumes. My wife, especially, has a competitive streak, and when she puts her mind to something, there's no stopping her. Our costumes would rule the day.
My wife decided to recreate Arwen's white outfit she wears in her first appearance in the movies, and I went with Aragorn's travel-stained outfit from the first film. We printed out many pictures of the outfits and paid attention to every detail--and those costumes have a lot of detail! Arwen's outfit is pretty basic, but it has a lot of detail in the stitching, and the sleeves took a lot of work to recreate. She spent many hours hand-stitching and swearing over her sewing machine. Aragorn's outfit was also no easy task. His outfit has many places where it has been patched and stitched and worn threadbare, it has mud and stains on it, many layers of cloth and leather, and many accessories. (Did you know that the scabbard of Aragorn's sword has another small scabbard attached which holds an eating knife? It's never used in the movie, but it's there.)
We spent days going to costume stores and used-clothing stores and flea markets, picking up items here and there. I have a friend who enjoys building his own armor and swords, and I paid him to modify a sword and scabbard to look just like Aragorn's. Another friend I know does theatrical makeup. She did my wife's makeup and hair and got her elf ears to look real, and she added some dirt to my face to help me look like I'd been living in the woods for a month. We trimmed our hair to match the characters, and dyed it. I grew out my beard and trimmed it to look like Aragorn's three-day growth. (The only detail we skipped was buying colored contact lenses. We decided not to go that far, and it's hard to get the color just right.)
The night of the big party came. We put on our costumes, did our final hair and makeup, and we looked perfect! We could have walked onto the movie set and started filming. We were so happy and excited. When we arrived at the party, our costumes were a big hit. Everybody was wearing a costume, but most people went with store-bought ones. Some people had made their own, but no one had put in the hours and hours of work that we had. Our costumes were head and shoulders above the rest and we got many compliments. It was very satisfying to have your hard work appreciated.
As I said, there was a prize for the best costume. This year it was a $20 Starbucks gift card. My wife and I exchanged knowing glances, we knew we were sure to win. Everyone at the party voted for the best costume. Susan had a plastic jack o' lantern she passed around, and everyone wrote down their vote on a slip of paper and put it in. At the stroke of midnight, Susan would count the votes and award the prize. Unfortunately, my wife and I couldn't stay that late since we had a baby at home. We cast our votes early, thanked Susan for throwing such a great party, and left around 10 o'clock. Susan said she would call us the next day if we had won. Winning the contest wasn't such a big deal, but it would have made us feel good to know our efforts had been recognized.
The next day was a Saturday. Late that morning, my wife's phone rang. I heard her say, "Hi, Susan...really? That's great!" and she gave me a thumbs-up. Hooray! We were the best costume! She and Susan chatted for a while and I went in to the next room. When my wife joined me later, she had a funny look on her face.
"So, we won?" I asked.
"Yesss..." she said, "actually you did."
"Yeah..." she said, with that odd look still on her face.
"What's wrong?"
"Well, there was some confusion. Everybody voted for 'Peter Pan.'"
"Peter Pan," she repeated.
"I wasn't Peter Pan," I said.
"I know," she said, "I told her that. I said that I was Arwen and you were Aragorn."
"And what did she say?"
"She said, 'Who's Aragorn?'"
"Oh, no," I said.
"I guess no one at the party has seen the movies."
"I guess not," I said. I felt myself curling into a little ball on the couch. "Everyone thought I came dressed as Peter Pan?"
"I think so," she said.
"Oh my God," I said.
"So, anyway, Susan's home right now. She wanted to know if you wanted to drive over and pick up your prize."
"Do I have to?"
"Yes," she said, "It would be rude if you didn't."
"I suppose so."
She patted my knee, "Would you like to take the car, or would you rather use your magic fairy dust to fly over there?"
"This isn't funny," I said.
"It's a little bit funny," she said.
So I drove to Susan's and claimed my prize. Susan greeted me at the door and apologized for thinking I was Peter Pan instead of "The Wizard from the Rings or Whatever." I told her no apology was necessary, and I thanked her again for putting on such a wonderful party. She told me to save the date for next year. I stopped by Starbucks on the way home and got a coffee. It tasted pretty good.
My friends who had helped us with our costumes were eager to hear how it had all worked out. I told them it went perfectly, and our costumes were a big hit. They were happy to hear it and offered to help us out with next year's costume when the time came. My wife and I went to many more of Susan's parties and always had a great time, but we never again put so much work into our costumes. After our weeks of work had resulted in "the Peter Pan incident," we opted for simpler costumes in the following years. I invested in a high-quality gorilla suit which I wore to nearly every party afterwards. It's been a good investment. Gorilla suits never go out of style, and I never get mistaken for anything else.
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2020.10.29 20:17 bbycelestial Some things I noticed after watching again...

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting here after lurking for god knows how long lol. I’ve been browsing forever. ANYWAYS! I’m not a Bach-head like most and my first season ever was Brad’s. I watched on and off, tuned in for all of Rachel’s season, some of Becca’s, some of Colton’s and ALL of Peter’s season. I’ve also seen Alli’s season. I also saw Sean’s season. I didn’t have any idea who Clare was until I saw the recap of her telling off Juan Pablo. Now that that’s out of the way, I’m just curious to open discussion about this season because, it’s only been 4 episodes and in my opinion from what I’ve seen, this is pretty much unReal level drama/TPTB manipulation/editing. So I just want to bring up so points that haven’t left my mind/opinions.
1.) I wasn’t fond of Clare becoming the bachelorette, I was hoping maybe just MAYBE someone from Peter’s season (Kelsey) would end up as bachelorette, but of course in reality almost all of Peter’s season had absolutely no women that were bachelorette material/likable enough by Bach-heads. I was still open to learning about Clare and seeing her season pan out. However... I am noticing that I’m extremely disappointing and it’s always hard to make posts talking this way about another woman because people will assume it’s misogyny or that it’s jealousy. I was excited when I saw that this season would have older and POSSIBLY more mature cast. And I’ve noticed some things about Clare..
A.) She seems like she’s is someone that never really looks at a man as friends or as someone to just hang with, and that she jumps to looking at a man she meets solely as ‘he could be the one’. Watching her season, it just seems like she only wants a love interest and I know that’s what she’s there for, but it really comes off as she doesn’t want anything to do with a man if it isn’t one she is/can be romantically in love with.
B.) Her insecurities. I know we all have them and I’m definitely not trying to shame her for them. I’ve seen many members here say that Clare needs/isn’t used to general attention from men in the sense of kind words and being flirted with? I think one of the first group dates was them serenading her with why they liked hewanted her so much? And then, her also blowing up at the guys for none of them trying to grab her first. When I watched it the first time, I was like yeah! Why didn’t anyone jump to snatch her up! I didn’t realize how normalized that has become after watching so many seasons of this show. We’re always used to one person grabbing the lead and then everyone being upset/battling for time. It was not only the fact that Clare blew up, but when the men tried to get up to take her away, she completely ignored them and just zero’d in on Dalé.
2.) Yosef. I remember when we were looking at the casting photos of the guys, and I personally that Yosef was kinda cute but of course... that was then and this is now lmao. I see a lot of people agreeing with him and like.... was I the only one that was like- wait what? I was half listening to him when I was eating but I could literally hear and feel the shift in his demeanor when he was talking to Clare. Like he did a full 180 in how he was going about talking to her.
It was as if he could feel that either: she wasn’t giving him the reaction he wanted or, he knew she was losing tolerance and was about to send him home, so he went ahead and mad an ass of himself that way regardless, he would have valid reason to get sent home. I feel like if he had said it nicely like he was at first and she sent him home, he wouldn’t of been able to handle that.
A.) My first Yosef red flag was how he reacted and responded over the Tyler C thing. The first words out of his mouth were talking about how he had “too much respect for himself to spam a girl with messages” like.. what? That’s your response? I feel like Tyler C messed up in not prefacing the fact that he went DIRECTLY to Yosef. Yosef painted the picture as being that Tyler C told EVERYONE everything and was being a major gossip night one. From what I can remember he told 2 people. I think Tyler handled it respectfully. He also didn’t tell the guys ALL the drama, he only mentioned it when talking directly to Yosef and Yosef blew it out of proportion.
B.) I also noticed that Yosef has this sort of attitude of ‘Well, I’m going to say something to her first before you do, just in case you try to bring it up to her and blindside me later.’
He tries to run to Clare first when he feels like his credibility or image is threatened by someone ELSE. When HE doesn’t feel like he has control over his image, he has to do damage control. When Tyler went directly to Yosef, Yosef ran to interrupt Clare to talk about it. When the guys were challenging Yosef asking him if he was going to confront Clare about how he felt about dodgeball, he probably felt like one of them was gonna snitch and say he was complaining so he got up and interrupted her to go talk to her about it first.
I’m not going to say much else because it seems like this subreddit covered most of it. Him interrupting her, the smug look when she said her mom was dying/ill, standing up when she stood up, all of it.
3.) The roast. The guys were so wrong for this- and hear me out for why I’m saying they were wrong. They were wrong because they went ABOUT IT wrong. It seems like their intention was to put the spotlight on Dalé for problematic purposes/reasons. They wanted to make him look bad. However, all this resulted in was Dalé looking like a sheep being attacked by a bunch of wolves. It just looked like everyone was ganging up on him. We all know that, when someone has tunnel vision, they speak in one language, and that language is the language of whatever they have tunnel vision over. Clare has already deemed Dalé as her husband. Therefore in her head, these men aren’t bringing out worry, they’re bringing out protection and defensiveness. On top of that, Dalé was being pretty good spirited about it too, which made them look even worse.
A.) Clare said not to take it personally and took it more personally than Dalé did! She’s someone who seems to say she’s cool and chill but in reality... it’s very much the opposite. She KNOWS that Dalé spent more time than any of the other man did and I think that’s why them pointing it out and roasting it so much got under her skin. She knows they can see through the b*llshit.
B.) Here was another problem. The guys also went about it wrong because, if they wanted the night to not be about Dalé they shouldn’t of mentioned him at ALL. I know they said they made jokes about everyone but, I really think if they channeled together and decided mutually to not mention Dalé at all, the hype and attention for him would’ve died down just a little bit. Instead, all it did was make Clare worry.
C.) The guys brought up things Dalé said OUTSIDE of conversation with Clare. So... why were they shocked that she wouldn’t want to know what is going on in the house? You can’t say “HEY! HERE’S A RED FLAG ABOUT SOMEONE! Ba-dum-tiss!” And then when she goes “Okay, so what’s going on”, you go “Oh, just forget about that.” What? It’s clear that Clare wants answers and the whole story.
4.) The date. Now, with that aside. The disrespect the entire episode is CRAZY. Clare letting Dalé come back twice, GIVING HIM THE ROSE, taking the guys on the group date. (I’m not going to say the entire was about Dalé because they showed soundless clips from dates that seemed like they were going well!) Then, her saying “I didn’t get what I need”. I honestly feel like she would’ve said that regardless. She would’ve said it whether they entertained her with talking about Dalé or not.
5.) Everyone has mixed opinions about Dalé. I do too. I at first wasn’t interested really and it seemed like she was more into him than he was into her. After seeing that episode with them rolling in the valley of bedsheets, it seems like it is somewhat mutual but, he was also drunk. Him interrupting anyway? Was wrong. It’s one thing to walk into the wrong place. He could’ve said my bad and gone back with the guys. He didn’t. However, that issue was somewhat redeemed for me when he was talking to Esy, and Esy was saying he deserved the roast and Dalé agreed and wasn’t bitter about it. It showed that he knew he was wrong and accepted it.
6.) Dalé. He was ridiculously smug this last episode and I think it was definitely TPTB because he’s been relatively quiet these last few. He doesn’t come off as someone who needs to be smug or rub things in your face. Even when he said he felt like he was the best man, it was like someone told him to say just that one line and then he didn’t know how to combat it or the responses afterwards. The stuttering from him happened twice. That time and the second time when he said he got “turned around”.
TL:DR This episode was just a LOT to digest and those are just some of the main things that have been sticking out to me so far. I think Clare and Dalé are in lust, but we also aren’t them and we are limited to what we see so... idk. I’m just waiting for the MTA and ATFR lol. I hope this was okay for a first post and thank you for reading it if you did.
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2020.10.29 18:09 FunPeach0 Extremely in depth look at “Whoever Did This”(S4E09) full of incredible analysis, episode references and tidbits. Credit:@sopranos.autopsy

“Whoever Did This” is one of the gems of the series. It has a little bit of everything that we’ve come to love (and some have come to hate) about The Sopranos. Humor, action, subtlety, violence, connectivity, silence—it’s all here. It is also this episode that really draws the battle lines in the war between certainty and ambiguity that so many Sopranos fans get pulled into; some viewers insist that Ralph is guilty of killing Pie-O-My, while others think the evidence is ambiguous at best. (Any consistent reader of this website should already be able to guess which way I lean.)
I think the episode title is the first clue that Chase’s universe is ruled by ambiguity—there are several instances in this hour in which characters (or we viewers) wonder exactly who it was that caused or carried out some particular event. The episode title is invoked, directly or indirectly, in each of the major stories of the hour:
Ralph wonders who squealed to Johnny Sac about his Ginny-joke Ralph wonders if his son’s accident was just a random event, or an act of vengeance by God The guys wonder who made the prank call to Nucci We wonder if Ralph set fire to the horse stables We wonder if Corrado’s confusion is simply an act, or if the news media loosened some dormant dementia when they inadvertently knocked him down the courthouse steps I’ll take a look at all of these questions in turn.
Ralph and his crew wonder who revealed his fat-joke to John Sacrimoni. He guesses—correctly—that Lil Paulie told Paulie, who must have then forwarded it to John. (We know Ralph has guessed correctly because Chase showed us these events onscreen earlier in the season.) To get revenge, Ralph makes a horrendous (but hilarious) prank call to Nucci. Ralph has always been a despicable character, and has even been compared to the Devil himself throughout the series:
Devilish Ralph Sopranos Autopsy
(In episode 3.06, Ralph is purposefully placed, according to Professor Franco Ricci, in front of “a painting that is a splatter of color, a swirl of emotions and turbulence that reflects his demoniacal character”; in 4.02, Janice is reading The Origin of Satan when she’s hit by Ralph’s toe-clippings; and Ralph sits before a New Jersey Devils bumper sticker in 4.06. Additionally, he himself says “I’m Satan to this kid” in reference to Jackie Jr’s dislike of him in 3.03.)
Episode writers Green & Burgess recorded a commentary track for this hour. They say that it was very important to the show that they “rehabilitated” Ralph before they killed him. When Ralph’s son Justin suffers a gruesome, disabling accident, Ralph decides he must turn over a new leaf and become a better person. This is another example of how The Sopranos traffics in ambiguity: as demonic as Ralph can be, Chase wants to make it difficult for the viewer to see him as completely bad or evil. SopranoWorld is gray, not black-and-white. There have also been other instances on the series in which we were exposed to the brighter dimensions of some very dark characters just before they met their demise, perhaps most memorably Det. Vin Makazian in Season One. In episode 1.11, we saw Makazian taking a shower—almost as though it were a spiritual ablution—before later commiting suicide. Similarly, Ralph is also bathing when Chase begins the process of rehabilitating his character:
Ablutions Sopranos Autopsy
Housekeeper Inez shouts and bangs at the bathroom door, but Ralph is not alarmed at first—he has seen her get histrionic over petty things before. But Ralph grows anxious when he hears Inez shout his son’s name. Justin has been wounded by an arrow flung down from the heavens. (It was his friend that shot the arrow into the air, but God’s role—if He had a role—in directing the arrow towards Justin’s artery is a significant question of the episode.) The boy is rushed to the hospital where he lays in critical condition.
This is the episode that earned Joe Pantoliano an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor. Just in the hospital scene alone, we can see that he fully deserved to win it. He truly brings out the complexities of “Ralph Cifaretto.” Ralph is desolate and pained and hopeful and seething with anger all at once. He explodes at his ex-wife’s husband. Tony has to practically throttle Ralph against the wall—a gesture that will get echoed later in the hour—to make him calm down:
foreshadow choke
Ralph has been a demonic character throughout the series, and Green & Burgess have a bit of fun evoking our sympathy for this devilish man—they incorporate lyrics from the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” into the episode’s dialogue:
Ralph says “Please allow me to introduce myself” to Justin’s surgeon Ralph says “Pleased to meet you” to Father Phil Father Phil asks Ralph, “Were you there when Jesus Christ had his moment of doubt and pain?” Ralph feels like a hypocrite turning to Father Phil now, but the priest assures him, “God understands. That’s why at times like these, He’s the only one we can turn to.” Outraged at the injustice of such a horrific accident occurring to his innocent son, Ralph snarls back, “God?!” Ralph believes that Justin’s accident is some sort of cosmic vengeance for his own misdeeds. In fact, it does seem that God may doling out vengeance—and doling it out with a heavy heaping of irony when we consider Ralph’s misdeed early in the episode: his prank phone call. During the call, Ralph told Nucci her son had to be rushed to the emergency room, only to have to rush his own son to the E.R. later. He also asked Nucci for her insurance information—and later tells Tony that his own insurance may not cover all the treatment that Justin will need. (Perhaps God is angry at Ralph for pinning a wacky sexual practice—gerbiling—on Paulie during the prank call, when it is actually Ralph himself that has some rather odd sexual proclivities.)
Father Phil cannot explain why Justin is suffering, he can only tell Ralph that “it’s a great mystery why things happen as they do.” But he is certain that the Lord is not punishing Justin as payback for Ralph’s misdeeds: “God has a plan for all of us…God is merciful. He doesn’t punish people.” With these contradictory statements, Father Phil demonstrates that he—like all of us—unconsciously switches from mystical ambiguity (“It’s a great mystery”) to certainty (“He doesn’t punish people”) depending on which viewpoint will best serve his prejudices and beliefs at a given moment.
Ralph’s curiosity about why such tragedy occurs is as old as the human race. The theological problem of evil and suffering has been directly addressed on The Sopranos before. As he sat beside cancer-stricken Jackie in episode 1.04, Tony wondered, “What type of God…?” And he will ask the same question again in Melfi’s office next week. Regardless of how many times this question is asked, in SopranoWorld or in the real world, we never get a satisfying answer. In his essay “‘Funny about God and Fate and shit like that’: The Imminent Unexpected in The Sopranos,” Robert Piluso writes…
As in life, when watching The Sopranos, we often do not know why things happen, or when they will, or if God’s plan is at work, or if chaos reigns in a godless void. Rather than expect Chase to eventually serve his Mafiosi their just desserts, we wait for death. For misfortune. For disaster. Nothing is sacred. No one is safe. Chase presides over his universe as an anti-god…
Although Father Phil is trite and defensive at times during their conversation, he does provide Ralph with words of hope and comfort. Ralph seems to make a legitimate effort to become a reformed man—but it doesn’t happen immediately. He still smacks people around during his collections, and provides Tony with a fat stack of ill-gotten cash. Our feelings for Ralph are conflicted through the episode. Paulie, on the other hand, has no conflicting feelings—he loathes Ralph and describes him as a “piece of shit.” Paulie is convinced—without any real evidence—that it was Ralph that made the prank call to his mother. Paulie’s guess is correct, but it is only that—an educated guess. Paulie was not privy, like the viewer was, to the scene in which Ralph made the prank call. Christopher and Tony remind him that he doesn’t know for sure that Ralph is guilty, but Paulie nevertheless wants to whack him. Tony lays down the law: Paulie is not to lay a finger on Ralph.
Tony is in bed with Ralph’s ex-girlfriend Valentina when he gets the call from horse-trainer Lois about Pie-O-My’s death. (Some viewers see this as a clue by David Chase that Ralph killed Pie as payback against Tony for dating his ex-girlfriend.) At the burned-out horse stables, Lois cites a blown-out light bulb as evidence for the fire being accidental. But Tony seems to regard the light socket with suspicion. He seems to already be suspecting arson. (Tony knows something about arson—we might remember that he orchestrated one in the Pilot episode.) Lois mentions the high insurance value of the dead animals. Tony realizes that he and Ralph recently took out a valuable insurance policy on the horse, and surely remembers Ralph’s earlier complaint about Justin’s steep hospital bill. It is certainly within Wreck-It Ralph’s temperament to commit such an atrocity. The pieces are all starting to fit in Tony’s mind.
The scene at the stables closes with a shot of Pie-O-My’s companion, the goat. Historically, since at least the Middle Ages, the goat has been associated with Satan. If that is what Chase is signifying with this shot, then it becomes one more association between the Devil and Ralph—and points to his guilt in killing Pie.
goat baphomet Sopranos Autopsy
It is difficult to tell whether Tony is already convinced of Ralph’s guilt before reaching the Cifaretto house, or only becomes convinced of it after arriving there. As Tony questions Ralph in his kitchen, Chase inserts a couple of beguiling shots, almost from Tony’s POV, of Ralph’s hands. Are these the hands that destroyed Tony’s beloved horse, or are they simply hands that are cooking up some breakfast? I’ll admit that when this episode originally aired, I was sure that Ralph was to blame for the fire. It was so obvious to me, in fact, that I didn’t recognize his guilt was even up for question. It was only the next day, as fans and the media buzzed—“Did he or didn’t he?”—that I realized the issue might not be so cut-and-dry. A quick second viewing that evening confirmed that there is simply not enough evidence to find Ralph guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. (And now, after watching the series in its entirety a number of times, and coming to believe that ambiguity is the central thesis of The Sopranos, I feel confident that “uncertainty” is the whole point of the scene in Ralph’s kitchen.)
In a 2007 Vanity Fair article, “An American Family,” Peter Biskind recounts that “Chase wouldn’t tell Pantoliano if Ralphie had set the fire or not. Pantoliano decided to play the scene as if he hadn’t, as if he were innocent.” On the commentary track, Green & Burgess confirm that this is how Joey Pants decided to play the scene. As for the writers themselves: Green believes that Ralphie is guilty of the crime, while Burgess says he always felt Ralph is not guilty (although he is coming around to his partner’s way of thinking). The fact that there are such differing interpretations of Ralph’s behavior even among those involved in the production of the episode points to an important fact: in film and television, and particularly in The Sopranos, it is in the editing room where the final product is ultimately fashioned. Regardless of how the actor acted it, or the writers wrote it, or the director directed it, Chase and his editors ultimately stitched the episode together in such a way that we cannot say that Ralph is guilty with any reasonable certainty.
Of course, we shouldn’t expect Tony to be reasonable when it comes to his cherished horse. When Ralph insists that it was a stroke of luck, and nothing more, that killed Pie-O-My, Tony skeptically responds, “It’s funny about God and fate and shit like that.” Tony thinks it can’t be a coincidence that the horse would die just after he and Ralph took out an insurance policy on it. He convinces himself that Ralph committed arson. And this leads to the second way that we can read the ambiguous shot of the goat which closed the scene at the stables; the goat may represent not Ralph the Devil, but Ralph the Scapegoat. The third book of the Hebrew Bible, Leviticus, recounts the story of the goat that was heaped with the sins of the people and then sent into the wilderness, never to be seen again.
goat scapegoat
Regardless of whether Ralph is in fact guilty of arson or just the scapegoat for an unfortunate accident, Tony wreaks his vengeance. There hasn’t been much violence so far in Season 4. Dectective Haydu was killed in the season opener. After that, Death made only glancing appearances: Tony learns of Gloria Trillo’s suicide; Karen Baccalieri dies in a car accident; Furio’s father dies of cancer. The “hits-and-tits” crowd have been sitting on their hands all season long, waiting for some action. It finally comes now—big time. The fight between Tony and Ralph is a brutal scene, full of sound and fury. A violent man meets a violent end at the hands of another violent man. Tony had drawn a line in the sand, telling Paulie he must not cross it when it comes to Ralph—but then he gives in to rage and kills Ralph himself. As he bashes the life out of Ralph, Tony growls a line that could refer to either Pie-O-My or Tracee the stripper: “She was a beautiful innocent creature, what did she ever do to you?” The tensions between the two men had not abated since Ralph brutally killed the young girl in “University.” Alan Sepinwall of The Star-Ledger calls this episode “the unspoken sequel” of that previous hour. And as many have noted, Ralph’s “Joisey” pronunciation of “whore” and “horse” sound so similar as to conflate Tracee and Pie-O-My even further.
I don’t know if Chase and the writers had planned to link Tracee and the horse when “University” aired last season. If they hadn’t, then it really is quite a coincidence that there were so many horse references in “University”:
Silvio referred to Tracee as a “thoroughbred” (and—this may be a stretch—her “chompers” are comparable to horse teeth):
Additionally, Caitlyn—Meadow’s maladjusted, distressed roommate who was compared to Tracee at various points in the episode—said that she is going to a horse farm to regain some balance in her troubled life.
Perhaps no Sopranos episode moves through as many tone- and tempo-shifts as does “Whoever Did This.” The hour begins with quite a bit of humor, particularly at the expense of poor Corrado (who takes a tumble down the courthouse steps), then shifts to the dark pathos of Justin’s accident and Pie-O-My’s death. After the brutally violent fight between Tony and Ralph, the episode creeps down to a petty pace in its second half. It almost becomes a procedural, as Tony and Chris give a D.I.Y. lesson in how to dispose of a body. They separate Ralphie’s head and hands from his torso. (Ralph was in the bathtub when he first heard the news that put him—potentially—on a road to reformation; it is in this same bathtub [which we now see in a reverse angle] that his corpse spends its last moments on Earth in one piece.)
2 bathtubs
Stephen Peacock, in his essay “Silence and The Sopranos,” analyzes the overpowering silence that characterizes the second half-hour as Tony and Chris dispose of Ralph. (Tony and Chris almost go completely mute, but our interest is nevertheless held powerfully to the screen.) Peacock finds something Dickensian in the way the sounds of chains and a bowling ball rolling down the stairs punctuate the quiet. (The spooky sound of chains chimed in some of Dickens’ more haunting scenes, such as the appearance of Marley’s chainbound ghost in A Christmas Carol.) Other viewers have found the chilling back-half of the episode to be Poe-like. (Something about Tony lumbering up the stairs with chains evokes for me the “The Cask of Amontillado,” with its dungeon and chains.) Strangely enough, it was in an episode whose title alluded to Poe—“The Telltale Moozadell”—that we earlier saw a bowling ball roll down a staircase:
Tony and Chris fling Ralph’s body off a cliff and bury his extremities at Mikey Palmice’s father’s farm. The duo come back to the Bada Bing to relax and get cleaned up. When Tony wakes up, Chris has already left the strip joint. Tony peers at himself in the mirror. As you all know by now, I love mirror shots:
Tracee Sopranos Autopsy
This mirror shot underscores Tony’s double-sided personality as we have seen it this hour. On the one hand, Tony is a sympathetic colleague, a lover of animals, a good manager of men (adroitly calming hot-headed Paulie down), and a loving father (tenderly roughhousing with his beloved son). On the other hand, he is a rule-breaking, self-indulgent murderer that often cares more about animals than he does human beings. His attention is diverted by a picture of Tracee (fully-clothed, unlike the girls in all the other photographs), the beautiful, vulnerable creature that Ralph Cifaretto undeniably, unquestionably destroyed.
SIGNIFYING NOTHING Tony turns away from the photo of Tracee and walks out of the dressing room. He pauses before the Bing stage, completely empty—except for a spotlight that shines down upon it. As he stops and stares, he may be thinking of Tracee, who once strut her hour upon this stage but was later wiped off the face of the earth. I think it may be enormously significant that that previous hour, “University,” opened with a shot of an overhead spotlight and then panned down to the same empty stage that Tony now looks at. Here is a clip that combines footage of the empty stage from both episodes:
The overhead spotlight, in both “University” and “Whoever Did This,” literally highlights nothing—or more accurately, nothingness. The empty stage embodies the philosophy of nothingness that threatens to overwhelm characters throughout the series. For me, the imagery of the empty stage recalls Macbeth’s famous soliloquy, which also contains some stage imagery:
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow Creeps in this petty pace from day to day To the last syllable of recorded time, And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.
Livia’s “It’s all a big nothing” speech to her grandson in “D-Girl” was a contemporary version of this Shakespearean soliloquy. By demonstrating that our certainties are often actually uncertainties, and challenging Father Phil’s idea that all events are made meaningful through God’s loving grace, “Whoever Did This” bleakly suggests that Livia’s philosophy of nothingness is the ultimate truth. The empty stage is a powerful symbol of this dark philosophy. It may seem like I’m making much ado about nothing, ascribing way too much metaphorical importance to a shabby stage in a north Jersey strip joint. But this same stage will significantly be the location of Paulie’s otherworldly vision in Season 6. And this stage will be recalled again in the memorable Series Finale. (And Johnny Sac will directly quote from the above Macbeth passage four episodes from now.)
Even the question of Corrado’s dementia is left unresolved. Does he go to the neighbor’s house to ask for ice cream because he recognizes the Feds are watching him, or is it because he is genuinely disoriented? When his nurse escorts him back into his living room, Chase does not keep the camera on him long enough for the viewer to be able to say with certainty that “Corrado is confused” or, alternately, “Corrado is faking it.” Of course, we do recognize over the course of the series that Corrado is indeed slipping into dementia. But it’s left uncertain for now.
William Siska, who attended film school with David Chase in the early ’70s, traces the similarities between Chase’s television series and European cinema in his essay, “‘If all this is for nothing’: The Sopranos as Art Cinema.” Siska notes a parallel between Ingmar Bergman’s The Passion of Anna and “Whoever Did This”—they both feature dead horses.
The Passion of Anna - Sopranos Autopsy
Siska’s interpretation of the burned horse in Bergman’s film could, in some sense, apply to Pie-O-My’s death in this episode:
The burning of horses, which occurs after the suspect in earlier incidents of violence to animals has committed suicide, proves that evil haunts the landscape, and turns the act into a metaphor for a universal corrosion in existence itself.
Siska argues that the burned horses in Bergman’s film have a metaphorical dimension, and I think that Pie-O-My’s death here has a similar metaphorical significance—her death exemplifies the progressive darkening of the SopranoWorld landscape over time. With each passing season of the series, we watch the “universal corrosion” of its characters get worse and worse.
(Just for the record, though, let me add that Siska seems pretty convinced that Ralph did indeed set the fire. There may be a universal corrosion in SopranoWorld, but there is not necessarily a universal consensus about the events that unfold there.)
Tony gives Chris a running commentary on his drug use, setting up the intervention of the next episode. It’s interesting that Corrado’s dementia may have been triggered by a fall down some steps, given the long history of shitty thing happening on steps and staircases in SopranoWorld. (See my 4.03 write-up for a documentation of incidents. Also see 6.02 for another connection between “tumbling down steps” and “dementia.”) Like many film geeks, I believe that editing is the most fundamental and important element of filmmaking. William Stich, A.C.E., gets credit for cutting this episode, and he can be praised (or blamed, I guess, depending on your point-of-view) for turning Joe Pantoliano’s straightforward performance in ‘the kitchen scene’ into something ambiguous. Veteran A.C.E. guys Sidney Wolinsky and Conrad Gonzalez round up the stellar team of Sopranos editors. “Whoever Did This” finally provides a showdown between Tony and Ralph. It had been brewing since Tracee was killed in 3.06 but was “formally” set-up in “He is Risen” (3.08), when Tony and Ralph confronted each other in a scene that evoked an old-timey Western, particularly through its use of the song “(Ghost)Riders in the Sky.” Tony defeats Ralph now, but unlike John Wayne or Gary Cooper or Clint Eastwood after a showdown, Tony is not presented afterwards as some square-jawed conquering hero (as we shall further see in the next episode, “The Strong, Silent Type”).
The old western mythology is also evoked by the track that closes “Whoever Did This.” It is Apollo 440’s cover of Ennio Morricone’s “The Man With the Harmonica” from the 1968 film Once Upon A Time in the West. Note how absolutely brilliant the song choice is: this episode features a showdown between contemporary Italian-American outlaws Ralph and Tony, and it ends with a contemporary version of a song that originally appeared in an Italian-made “spaghetti western” which also featured a showdown between American outlaws.
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2020.10.29 14:28 Waywardshrink Experiencing a recurring problem with men and could use some advice?

This is something I've witnessed happening in my life for a long time but struggled to put words to. Essentially, men are attracted to me and see me as a "safe person" to share with. I've literally had men I barely know share their deepest secrets with me in under 24 hours of connecting. I don't ever ask for it, it's just something about me and my nature (and likely my work as a therapist although I've stopped telling people I do that lately) that makes them want to share.
What happens after that though, is that they feel exposed/guilty/uncomfortable for having shared so much with me and it in effect de-sexualizes me in their eyes. Despite connecting on an app for dating or sex, whatever, I've become like this nurturing "mommy" figure instead of someone they see as dateable.
Like recently I met a guy who I see real potential with but he is doing the same thing. He's in a dark place right now and has expressed real gratitude for my friendship but then says how he "hasn't thought about having anything else" and while that makes sense for his current situation, it also makes me think this will be yet another situation where I meet some damaged man and help make him better for someone else. He's basically an A-Gay and has this little clique that he openly admits would not be friends with him if he didn't look the way he does. That disgusts me because I think he's a lot smarter than that but he also suffers from self-esteem issues and clearly welcomes that inauthentic validation. He knows this.
I'm OVER healing these men for peanuts and it's making me shut down towards him and yet I don't really feel like that's fair. I want to be the person I needed when I was struggling but at what cost?
I feel like fucking Peter Pan just collecting Lost Boys that I never asked for or wanted and I desperately want it to stop. I am tired of being emotionally neutered by these wounded souls.
Any advice bros?
Tl:Dr; Men see me as a safe person to emotionally dump on but then that makes me not worth being with and I'm sick of it.
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